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Tiny Tower free money bux cheats bitbook iphone/ipod game app

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maddy 10 yr ago x
I don't know how but when I went on tiny tower the other day, it said I had collected 'infinity coins' and I don't know how..... Could someone please tell me how I got this??? It would be really helpful :)
stayfunky 10 yr ago x
hello. Need help!! i was doing the fast forward cheat and it worked great!! was floor 20 and went up to 34! i followed the instruction on letting it restocked and changed the date. and i have iphone 4. so i told my gf to check out my tower through gamecenter and she said i have 32 floors. but i have 34. whats going on!! please help thanks!! =)
Lobby trick 10 yr ago x
The lobby trick isn't working for me. I did the tapping while they were still in the elevator and the paint thing came up.
Trev-yo 10 yr ago x
Umm. Hi how do you the lobby trick ,Good!!! And u are a goox. Dont ask me what a goox is cause i dont no!!!!!!!!!!!!;?;(;!
Rinodino 10 yr ago x
How to write in bit book
Tyler 10 yr ago x
After doing the future trick and then returning to the present time, bitizens no longer buy my stocks I'm getting 0.00 sales per minute!! Please help!!!
The lorax 10 yr ago x
X out of the app and come back in
Shawn 10 yr ago x
Does any one stop getting fans just like me?i'm a A-lister and got about 68 million fans.i had all my fans stick full then got zero fans everytime my show had debuted....
Reluctant 10 yr ago x
Mother of god! I love Tiny Tower. Piece of advice, from what I have heard doing the cheat which involved changing your time in settings harms the processor of your product especially Apple products. Play it fair guys. Love BitBook. And I LOVE COSTUMES.
OMGrawr 10 yr ago x
@eleni georgandis oh my goodness you have issues....
Tiny tower UNpro 10 yr ago x
So,there's pretty much no hack to it except the dumb time one?That sucks.FORTUNATLY,I have 17 floors so far and I'm getting 20,000 coins per hour.Also a tip:Just keep serving the elevators and you'll get enough tower buck.DONT BE STUPID,save bucks up for elevator.Right now I have 18 tower buck and elev lvl 2
YolO 9 yr ago x
Whatcha know about the 400 bux elevator!? I gots it
Nun of ur bisness 9 yr ago x
How do you get people??
Tiny Tower Fan 9 yr ago x
Guys i m not getting birthday bux using time cheat. wat to do?? Someone help me plz.
Radio1331 9 yr ago x
The time cheat can mess up other games just so ya know(stardom for example). 162 floors and climbing...
Lombax0987-1234 9 yr ago x
I made a cheat. You need to be jailbreaked to do it, though. Get iFile from Cydia, and go to the documents folder in the app directory. Edit the missions thing and make the reward like 10000 bux and make you only need like 1 of someting and another 1 of something else, to complete the mission. To do it, use the property list viewer, just look at the other missions and youll find out from trial and error. I came up with this on holidays in january!! Thank me if it helped. I currently have like, 183,491,489,418 bux or something like that. NO joke!!
Radio1331 9 yr ago x
My friend did the cheat and he said his phone slowed down and had green lines on the floors, it also screwed up the stardom game and he had to start over, I did it the old fashion way of stocking, got my 300th dream job today, my tower is maxed out, waiting on the update
Max 9 yr ago x
I did the thing where you change the time and stuff but I did that so much times that I have to wait 9803D and 22h for my shops to Re-stock
Max 9 yr ago x
cosmic 9 yr ago x
Heyy guys if u have the shushi bar there is a cheat to get heaps of bux! U just hire 2 people then tap on the third hire button and then quikly tap again and it will ask if u want to hire null and uf u do then u get 2 bux. Hope rhis helps :D (u can do this as many times as u want)
Coby 9 yr ago x
I know that you can change tower bux into money, but you should be able to change money into tower bux!
Tiny tower love 9 yr ago x
I love tiny tower. I have 41 rooms going to 100 XD. I have 17 bed rooms and 31 work rooms. I have 1 mil and 0 buxs XD. iF you need help on how to get 41 rooms in one day no money and no email you gots hafe to email me at ***

Thx for reading this
the guy that sees all 9 yr ago x
WHAT one of my bitzens disapeard from time travel SOMEBODY TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED
Nicky2times01 9 yr ago x
don't try the time thing. if you do it, when u go back in time, u lose a bitizen. what is wrong with this update. i guess nimble bit llc finally figured out what were doing.
Chukkel buttey  9 yr ago x
Do you get tiny cells in tiny tower or not. If not I think they shoud make an up date where there is. But over all I really like this game
Chukkel buttey 9 yr ago x
My tower is 117 floors high check it out. My nick name is vortric.i don't know if you can get it from that but you might on game center
Chukkel buttey  9 yr ago x
I also have the best elevator as well cool hur.
Chukkel buttey 9 yr ago x
Well I probely won't find this website again but still check out my hotel see ya
Hellooooo! 9 yr ago x
I know a trick but i think it only works with the latest version. When a person is in an elevator just keep going up and down sometimes they give u a tower buck if u go 4 long enough.
Katie 9 yr ago x
GOD I should have never lines across my screen,& videos I've watched may work for the people who video those glitches...but def not me.HELP...I'm wasting my time.Tiny Tower is too edicting....respond ASAP
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