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Tiny Tower free money bux cheats bitbook iphone/ipod game app

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MedievalKnight 10 yr ago x
If you need to write the date on a paper you must have a horrible memory.
Cutelittlepiglet 10 yr ago x
Be careful with the birthday thing make sure when you finsh doing the last birthday make sure you are not stock anything otherwise it can mean your stock can say like 234days and 23hours till it is ready
coby 10 yr ago x
Yankees 10 yr ago x
I have found yet another cheat when u build a new floor and it says you have just build a sub shop or something like that before you press countiue exit the game then go back to it and you will have yet another floor
The 'backman 10 yr ago x
This game rocks. I agree that you should be able to save VIP's but everyone should stop complaining about money gain. It takes a day to earn 1/2 million dollars, but maybe it's cause I got 60 floors, but if you've got less than that, just trade 20 tower bux and be careful with your money, that's how I did it!
pinky dinky doo 10 yr ago x
Yankees... that cheat about the adding on an extra room didnt work 4 me i tried it on several buildings and it didnt work
rikki 10 yr ago x
hey we neeed a faster elevator in the tower it's to slow. :)
Silveryfox  10 yr ago x
I have tiny tower myself on ipod touch but it takes me too long to get my money and I love the bitbook i like "used up all my sick days so im calling in dead"
and "sorry im late so i'll leave early to make up for it those 2 are hilarious
Annie 10 yr ago x
I was cheating on tiny towers but then green lines came up and I don't know how got rid of them!! It said to put the date 30years ahead but I'm using my iPod and it's not possible to do that.. Please help!
Nick 10 yr ago x
How do you make your tower big very quickly without buying tower money on the home page?
Miley 10 yr ago x
I think that tiny town is to slow to upgrade they need a new version that is faster then it is now. And I only have six rooms and I want to catch up to my older brother that is in his 30th room (estimate). Please help me
J 10 yr ago x
For all of u ppl who can't figure out how to properly use the date cheat...don't purchase anything after restocking...change the date back and then repurchase. Then u can move the date forward again and restock.Common sense ppl....if u move the date back after purchasing something or start to build a new floor it will be as if u literally went back in time. The deadline will still be the same...and if u simpletons can't figure out how to fix that then just move the date after the amount of time it says it will take for it to be finished...
C40 kille is back!! 10 yr ago x
i know a cheat and its so good!!! just read and find out!!!!!

first on to setting then so go onto general settings then go to date & time them go to set date & time then goto the date time and day up the top then change the day month or whaterver then on to tiny towers youll have heaps of money then back to settings and change it back to normal!!

make shore you have nothing waiting to use or else itll STUFF U UP!!!!!!
TT4L 10 yr ago x
I love this game!
I'm up to 38 floors and I havant spent a penny of real money :)
I do wish you didn't have to waste your VIPs when they aren't needed especially construction workers and I really wish you could hire and fire people while the store is restocking.
Towerbucks n coins 10 yr ago x
MGUIRK!! i took
Ur suggestion and it worked the only problem is if i chage the date bk correctly thn go into my tiny tower im to wait thousands of days for my stock an pay thousands of bux to stock immediatly! Plus whn i put it bk to last year i used it has basicly frozen my game, nothing is going down or ready to b stocked :( i want my tiny tower bk ive put in so many hours just to gt to 57 floors, can any1 help?
Sum ppl!  10 yr ago x
What an a%@#$le J id hardly call myself a simpleton, why dont u go look in the mirrior n tell yourself how cool you are!! Arogant %$@#@!
Tilly 10 yr ago x
I used the cheat when you go into setting and change the time, but now my tiny towers is saying in have to wait 300 days for it to re stock and changing the time doesn't help. What do I do?
falcon23 10 yr ago x
when my friend did it, it made the game go mad! It's saying 170D when you stock something! HELP!
admins 10 yr ago x
Please people, mind the language. Thank you.
works for me 10 yr ago x
Hey that date cheat worked for me. I did it only til like 2013or 14 though but it was fine. Everything worked the way it was supposed to. Just sayin it might or might now work
Yankees 10 yr ago x
Guys a new cheat: let's say your just activating the game and right when you get in it's a bitzens birthday turn the game off and back on again it should say someone has a birthday then do the samething again. 
cfc2good 10 yr ago x
dont muck about going backwards and forwards with the date, when all your floors have ! marks change the date back 8 years then do what you need on tt, go into date and advance by whatever 3 days for eg, go to tt do what you need, go to date advance again, keep going on like this... do not put date back when you have not got ! mark as this will add time onto floors........
coby 10 yr ago x
i have 84 floors and havent spent a penny of real money. and guys, really watch the language.
Carlap 10 yr ago x
This is such a cool game I'm so addicted to it 172 levels but is there any cheats because I'm out of money and bux and it's so much for the next level:(
Cutey 10 yr ago x
Guys why are you getting so angry where supposed to be talking about tiny tower and waffle I have 21 floors 22 people 72 bux and 36983 money;):)bye
???person 10 yr ago x
How do u actually do the lobby trick coz i tried it and it really didn't wooorrrrkk!!
i thoght it was: when u hav just dropped someone off at the floor they want u tap on the lobby button really quick and you get bucks for each time u tap it.
plz help someone xx
person  10 yr ago x
BTW Cutey, how did u get all dat bucks and money??? did u use a trick or somtin??
( i am addicted to dis gammmmeee)
Eliza'Pie 10 yr ago x
I just started playing Tiny Tower & I have 4 rooms. (Lobby, Residential, Sushi bar & a photo place) both my stores are stocked. But I'm not getting any custumers... Help? :3
SPAMSAM!!! 10 yr ago x
Hey im back! i've been away a long time hey did you ever notice this is like an email thingy but you can write to any one at all?
person  10 yr ago x
ok, now after using the 'fast forward time cheat/trick' i hav 33 floors i DID hav 80,000
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