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Call of Mini: Zombies free cheats money guns maps weapons iphone/ipod

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guest 13 yr ago x
What everyone wants is CO-OP online! And an endless wave mode. Please make a light, some places in-game are too dark to see. Also, more weapons would be nice. And let the random gift boxes regenerate so I can get free ammo!

tags: game cheats, money, guns, update, co-op, fix app crashing ipod touch 3rd gen, maps, weapons, compatible, upgrade, levels, multiplayer, characters
guest 13 yr ago x
Cool characters. It needs more levels, guns and online multiplayer mode. You don't HAVE to use the guns, and you can upgrade all weapons.
guest 13 yr ago x
Either you need to make that when you kill a zombie you get more money, or lower the weapon pricing and characters. It is no fun when you do not earn enough to get a gun strong enough to beat a level. You will have to spend extra money to get some of the good toys. Could use some more new maps.
guest 13 yr ago x
Great characters, but lacks money. You pay more for ammo then upgrade on weapons.
guest 13 yr ago x
Can't play the game it crashes right at the trinity loading screen. Please fix.
guest 13 yr ago x
great game but you need to lower prices and give the fighters grenades
Ri the awesomest player 13 yr ago x
I like this game but I think they should lower the price on b.e.a.f to $550
Alex3223 13 yr ago x
I found a bug!! At the parking map down floor at the cars next to the wall theres like an invisible hOll i fell under the map!!!!
Bob 12 yr ago x
Be more descriptive
Rh-_- 12 yr ago x
How do I unlock levels on the new CoD:MiniZombies?
lamezees 12 yr ago x
i think you make money pretty fast...i dont even use a gun i use the light savor. that green place lets you earn like a hundred grand easy....
codzombiesbeast 12 yr ago x
can someone leave a tip for me on all the guns and what levels you unlock them at?
Christo 12 yr ago x
Please I love call of mini zombies
samy 12 yr ago x
yo guys aswome places that no zombies can hurt you exept some times the nurses and the grenades so the first place is at the hospital in the middle theres two white things on the floor go on one then the other its so cool the second place is in the scrap yard where there that crane in the front there is a car door you can go on it so cool
Pro mann 12 yr ago x
I have a jailbroke. Iphone so i just sit there buyin money and all that. But how do i unlock guns
RT 12 yr ago x
how do you get the other levels
I poop baby's  12 yr ago x
The game is fun in all but I need more money and i can't find a unlimited money cheat I is so stupid I hate it
fgzsdfgfg 12 yr ago x
There are several cheats on the game where all (or most) zombies cannot reach you.
I really dont feel like telling about all of the them, but the most common i use when i play is in the Scrap Yard
- facing from the front of the Crane, go to the left barrier/wall.
- there should be large pipes along with a large metal block
- along the smaller piping from the south right corner (facing the front of the crane), there should be a hub cap
- if you use the hub cap as a ramp by continually walking into it, you then appear to be walking on the barrier egde.
- once you done this, you are then able to walk forward. keeping yourself close to the edge.
- because of this, the zombies will glitch out and run into the center of the Scrap Yard instead of attack you.
- BUT! boomers and spitter will realize where you are and will try to attack.
- BUT! because you are along the barrier and also behind the large metal block, their attacks will not affect you!
- hope you try it and have success :)
doned 12 yr ago x
guys who say its too hard to earn money just goto online mode tap solo and you can get like 10k for just chainsaw kills under 31 sec you need like 15 i think
Joey 12 yr ago x
To get more levels you need the full verson
(Call of mini CO-OP)
Kylewat 12 yr ago x
Any cheats on free money?
guest 12 yr ago x
Either we get more money per kill, or they lower prices on the weapons b/c it's hard to get money even if you're an avatar like BEAF!
Nate 12 yr ago x
Can I have the max amount of money please
Nate 12 yr ago x
You should make it so everything is only 100 bucks
Bob232323232434565464323412352465746857 12 yr ago x
Guys just tell me cheats on how to get more money!!! I need it! I am really good at the game zoo help me get more money so i can buy the PGM. It costs 800,000 and my mom won't buy anything for me!
guest 12 yr ago x
I have the most updated CoM: Zombies and it has about 8 or 9 maps that are diverse. There is a CO-OP mode and survival/ endless wave, but sadly there is still only 14 weapons with ridiculous pricing. Version I have is v2.0.1 CoM: Zombies.
Felix Dragonhammer 12 yr ago x
You know that even if you don't successfully pass a level, you still get money, right?
Felix Dragonhammer 12 yr ago x
I personally like the high prices because it gives you something to work towards.
tortex 12 yr ago x
this is more of a tip then a cheat but its easier to buy upgrades for the melee weapons so you don't have to keep buying ammo for your guns.
dude 11 yr ago x
What is the difference between Pym and m32
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