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Smurfs' Village Iphone game app free smurfberries cheats

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SherryC 12 yr ago x
micibi, read the answer i posted above
xsenergy4life 12 yr ago x
Lewis must be laughing away!

His 10,000 free smurfberry "work around" doesn't work at all!

Lies all Lies! I tries his method to see what would happen three times & it didn't work at all! lol

xsenergy4life 12 yr ago x
Hey Paws4ever,
Thanks for the gift have sent you one in return.

xsenergy4life 12 yr ago x

Add me to your games centre list of 'friends' and we can swap smurf gifts.

My GC name is xsenergy4life

Remember to add in why you are friending me by adding the following message, " ...... so we can swap gifts in smurf village..... "

Happy smurfing
SherryC 12 yr ago x
Hi, xsenergy4life, my nickname is enenko6011, i already sent my fd's request to you, plz check:)
Gaaaagaaa 12 yr ago x
Papa Smurf tells menu have to collect wood for timber smurf and to ask timber smurf which piles were affected and to place woodpiles by the house, but I don't know what to do. I click on timber smurf's house and nothing happens. Someone please help!!
Itchie Gelai 12 yr ago x
Hi Smurfs player...

Here I go again, you want to be my neighbour I will give you a gift everyday, you can add me to this UserNick: nicoolietz at your smurfs village.

Ciao and have fun!
foxsmurf 12 yr ago x
Am at level 23...papa smurf has told me to place some rocks around miner smurf i have placed a few of each all around and it is not working does anyone know how to do it?
Paws4ever 12 yr ago x
@xsenergy4life You are welcome, and thank you as well. Let me know if there is a particular gift you prefer. Nice village btw .
xsenergy4life 12 yr ago x
Thanks for the gift, at the moment prefer fences and flowers. Thanks for asking.

What do you prefer? I assumed the same thing! lol

I have noticed though, that if someone is not at a particular level they can't receive a particular gift. Has anyone found that too?

Paws4ever 12 yr ago x
@xsenergy4life I like the single flowers, rocks or the mushrooms. Now that you mentioned it, I think you are right about having to be on a certain level for certain gifts. Because sometimes I try the mushrooms, and it won't go everyone.
This game is oddly addicting! Lol. See your village soon. 
Mylicious 12 yr ago x
Pink bench - How to complete the pink bench task? I has placed 2 pink bench for Brainy but nothing happened. Pls help!!!
RobinLou 12 yr ago x
Hey add me in smurf village and then i'll add you too so we can exchange gifts every day!! This is way too addictive...
RobinLou 12 yr ago x
Hey I can only get 7 crops to touch the farmer for extra coinage and xp... Can one get any more than that??
mehi 12 yr ago x
how do you add people?? add me im mickiheart
Mitch 12 yr ago x
I have been doing this log pile level of a week now and I can't get any further help
Medz D 12 yr ago x
Hello everyone...

Need to have a neighbour here's my usernick: neriah10

See you at my village, I will give you everyday gift.

JulieN 12 yr ago x
Hi! I would be happy If you will add me as you neighbor and I do give you a daily gift.

Usenick: Julie Noval

Thank you!
MarioNLuigi 12 yr ago x
How does a village become a featured village? Does anybody know?
Laura 12 yr ago x
For some mysterious reason all my snails and caterpillars suddenly started producing xp again! Haha. Not sure what the problem is, I guess they just decided to take a break. Hope yours come back soon too!
Grace 12 yr ago x
I'm on level 30, and papa smurf wants me to buy lanterns...but i can't find where you buy them.
Paws4ever 12 yr ago x
@Laura same here with the snails and caterpillars! For me, the snails give XP more often than the caterpillars who only work every few days, if at all. Glitch? 
MarioNLuigi 12 yr ago x
Guys for those who are looking for free smurfberries DON'T listen to Lewis. He is lying about the method according to ( xsenergy4life). You will just waste your time and effort for only 20 free xp and it will not level you up any faster for high level players.If you want free smurfberries wait for jockey. He occasionally gives free smurfberries in presents. Rarely more than one smurfberry at the same time.
killboy 12 yr ago x
grow plants faster cheats

i know how to grow crops in 1sec go to settings and to date and time change date one day behind pap smurf will complain then go back to date in time and change one ahed only works on 24 our plants

it works
tiju 12 yr ago x
the mushroom is the $5 blue one!!!
Tip 12 yr ago x
Hi. You can go to level 30 if you change the clock. Bye.
Thunder 12 yr ago x
But what's the point of getting to level 30 if you can't go any further? Smurfinator got to level 30 and he was no longer getting any xp's. He'll have to wait until they come out with a new version with more levels now.
MarioNLuigi 12 yr ago x
To change the clock you can't update it. If you change the Time OR date papa smurf will know and give you a warning.
SLMartin 12 yr ago x
Does anyone know if you have to join facebook in order to add neighbors?

RobinLou 12 yr ago x
Does Smurfette's HOUSE have to be in among the other smurfs' houses to give xp? Or does she just give xp as she walks around the village?
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