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Smurfs' Village Iphone game app free smurfberries cheats

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Milligan 13 yr ago x
Plants for Smurfette? What kind of plants does she want? Whatever it is just choose it from the flower icon on the build menu and plant it.
Pupluver 13 yr ago x
You speed up the time on your iPod to make crops to grow fast
Pupluver 13 yr ago x
When u collect wood from timber smurfs hut that's when you will be done that task.
Itchie Gelai 13 yr ago x
I do play smurfs also and im on at level 17... owh! I cheated 1's but I never cheat again when papa smurf send a disappointed notification. Wish me luck for the next step!
geckoguy15 13 yr ago x
If you turn off the Internet then you can do the change the time thing with ease but you still get the warning off papa smurf, doing this I havnt lost anything on the game:) for: itzmeeeeee 1313
Rob - level 29 - Smurfs Killer 13 yr ago x

As we all need help in our neverending quest toward the perfect village, i smurfully invite you to add me to ur gamecenter.
I'll give a gift (almost) every days.

My GC name is : Smurfs Killer.

See you in your villages...
mehi 13 yr ago x
if you didn't have and account and you make one in the middle of the game will it erase
Rob - level 29 - Smurfs Killer 13 yr ago x
I did just that a few weeks ago and it went perfectly fine.
I created my GC account, then when I lauched Smuf's village, I was asked if i wanted to link my village with GC, and that was it.
I did not lost my village.
Hayhay 13 yr ago x
If you want to change the time or date and make the crops grow faster then all you need to do is turn the wi fi off and papa smurf can't send your smurfs away it works for me good luck :)
xxosami 13 yr ago x
where do you get wood for the task "place wood by timber smurfs hut"
Allie 13 yr ago x
Papa smurf told me to put wood by Timber Smurfs hut, I tried to just put the single logs but it doesn't work. What do I do? HELP!!
Smurfinator 13 yr ago x
Trouble on level 30

Got to level 30 and now I am no longer earning any xp points! This makes the game pointless since I can't make any progress. Is there anything I can do to fix this?
Smurfinator 13 yr ago x
Placing logs

The logs you need to place by Timber's house are for sale in the store. They are new from the last update so you might not have noticed them, it is a pile of logs, not the single one.
MarioNLuigi 13 yr ago x
What do you guys know about the featured villages? How do you get to have your village be featured? Is it by level and without smurfberry purchase? I never buy smurfberries. I'm still a level 25 with the evil gargamel guy. Yes I don't have grouchy yet because I am not using my smurfberries for upgrading or buying a smurf for a quest. I already spent my gold on every hut. I wish we can trade gold for smurfberries.
Laura 13 yr ago x
Guys: the ONLY way that papa smurf knows you are cheating is if you put your clock BEHIND -accidentally or on purpose, whatever. I have been moving the time forward on my ipod for about a month (level 26 now) and the ONLY times I got the message from papa smurf was when I went from 11 pm to 12am without switching the DAY, and from the end of june to when I should have switched to july but instead went back to beginning of june. Those are the ONLY times you will get a message. The game does not have a clock itself, it goes by your iphone or ipod clock. Just so everybody knows.

I have 223,048 coins and 55 smurfberries. It is called 'saving up' in case nobody knew that.

The only problem I have is that I am not getting anymore presents from jokey, no xp from my three snails and no xp from my two caterpillars. Anybody know why?
Paws4ever 13 yr ago x
Game Center

I need neighbors to send and receive gifts :) I go on every day, so I will gift you every day too. Anyone know what gifts give the most XP? I never know what to gifts people.

Add me and I will add you: Paws4ever

Thanks guys!
Jess 13 yr ago x
I HATE LEWIS!!!!! And ha to brad I will hunt u downlol
Thunder 13 yr ago x
Smurfinator: Bummer Dude... I'm on level 28 so I'll be getting there soon. The whole point of obtaining xp points is to get to 100 percent so that you can bump up to the next level. But if level 30 is the highest level you can go, then there's no reason to be getting xp points. I would say you're going to have to wait until a new version comes out where they add extra levels like they did in version 1.03 where they added new levels 29 and 30.

Sucks but I don't think there's anything we can do. If anyone has a resolution though, please share it.
markmagwire 13 yr ago x
its really easy all u have 2 do is buy something and then go to ur iphone,ipod touch,and ipad settings and go to date and time and change the date on day higher and then go back to the game and click to harvest ur plant k oh if it said change to time take it off wifi and try again oknow bye
jessicavee 13 yr ago x
for the task where it says you need to bring wood for timber smurf how close do you need to put the log to his hut for it to work? does anyone know?
mei 13 yr ago x
Papa smurf told me to put wood by Timber Smurfs hut, I tried to just put the logs neat the timber hut but why is still not right? how many logs i need to purchase?
MarioNLuigi 13 yr ago x
Okay guys I am not on the mission yet but I know you need to use probably 650 gold to buy wood for timber smurf. In order to do that you use the logs AND get the wood pile which has a description of "these logs give extra xp when placed near timber smurf." put a few single logs in case.

BTW how can your village be a featured village?
Paws4ever 13 yr ago x
For the Timber Smurf Log Mission:

You can just get the single logs and place a couple by his house. You don't need the big wood pile. The key is to wait till the wood icon is above his house, then click it, and the mission is done. This icon only happens once a day, which is why everyone thinks it's not working. The more logs you place the better, because you get XP for each log. This happens EVERY time the icon is up after you do the mission once. The same goes for the Miner Smurf mission with the rocks. 
hull hull x  13 yr ago x
i have put out about 10 logs for timber smurf but he is not collecting them? do i need more or does he collect them at a certain time? you are supposed to get them from the store right? please reply x
hull hull x 13 yr ago x
oh right ok i just read the comment above :L
Lewis 13 yr ago x
go to smurfs main menu, then go to options click notifications on then notifications off, do this 3 times. then click manage friends, then click the arrow 2 times until you get back to the main menu, click play then plant 20 blueberries. exit the game and turn off your i pod, wait a few seconds then turn it on again, collect your blueberries then exit the game. now wait 30 seconds and enter the game.. you will now have 10000 smurfberries
rinaloi 13 yr ago x
@Laura: I had the same problem, but i still can't seem to solve it... someone told me to change the time back but still didn't work...
micibi 13 yr ago x
Level 12: I have to get some timber some wood, i got some logs and it's not working, WHAT DO I DO!!!
cmhogwarts 13 yr ago x
you have to wait till timber smurf gives you xp (when the symbol is over his house)
PS you couldve read this further up...
I hate smurfs 13 yr ago x
Grouchy's bench

Anyone know how to complete grouchy's pink bench? After building a pink bench nothing happens?
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