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Smurfs' Village Iphone game app free smurfberries cheats

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heidi 12 yr ago x
How can I prevent my kids accidentally buying smurfberries from the smurfberry store. The prices for 1000 is really ridiculous!

Is there a cheat to get them for free?
heidi 12 yr ago x
Is there a way to grow crops faster? It's taking ages to finish them grow and earn some smurf coins :(
ilona 12 yr ago x
Yes you can grow crops faster buy spending smurf berries on them, but since you are asking for them to be free, I guess you're looking for another way :) I really love Smurf Village!
charlyyy 12 yr ago x
if you change the time forward on your iphone/ipod it speeds up growing crops :) not sure how to get more smurf berries for free though.
Jo 12 yr ago x
If you want to grow for example potatoes very fast all you need to do is plant them and go to settings date&time and put it 24 hours later. Go back to your village and tadaa they are ready.
 12 yr ago x
plz tell me how to get smurf berries
emma 12 yr ago x
I've tried but crops are immediately withered when I return to the app :S
simon 12 yr ago x
yes I believe it's possible to hack the game for more smurfberries, but it involves jailbreaking your iphone, and altering some code, which isn't easy for the average user.

but what's the fun of playing when you can cheat your way through the game, except for showing off to your facebook friends of course :)
lucinda 12 yr ago x
Is there a walkthrough for Smurfs village without using smurfberrys? Any tips and tricks appreciated!

And how many levels are there?
geri 12 yr ago x
I'm not sure if the clock trick still works. The Smurfs app has been updated and Papa Smurf will warn you with this message: I'm disappointed you have been overworking the smurfs by changing your clock, be careful or your smurfs will leave the village :D

No smurfs of mine has left the village yet. They have added a new in-app purchase: Wagon of Smurfberries for $99.99 :S Be careful with that :)

I love the winter/snow theme!
Awesome guy 12 yr ago x
The clock cheat works fine for me! The warning message has come up heaps but my surfs never leave... I still wish there was a way to get heaps of free smurfberries!!!!!!!
chuc 12 yr ago x
I received free berries today from Capcom. Did anyone else receive freeberries? x5 in total. Got myself the thanksgiving statue and to date have not spent a dime on the game.
geri 12 yr ago x
No I did not receive the free berries :( How did you get them. Did you do anything special or maybe they just send them out randomly. Don't know.
anabelle 12 yr ago x
@ Emma watever time u start to grow ur crops add that amount of time when you change the date settings
Ricky 12 yr ago x
The time cheat works fine for me
Steph 12 yr ago x
Papa smurf gave me that message quite a few times and nothing happened, and the one time I opened it and I was at level one with no berries and no gold.. But all my smurfs were there still!!! I just deleted the app after!
connor 12 yr ago x
the switching time thing worked for me but then as a punishment it sent a smurf out four 200hours
itzmeeeeee1313 12 yr ago x
this game is unfortunately addicting. my mom got an iphone last week and she looses battery every 5 minutes because of the game. and the changing time thing does not work theres a little message that says it appears you are trying to cheat the game by changing your time settings. what was that for? i say the people that created this game are stalkers THEY KNOW WHAT WERE DOING!!!!!!!!!!!
Jake 12 yr ago x
How do you trade with other villages on the smurfs game?
Ryan  12 yr ago x
LOL, that punishment sending a smurf for 200 hours? mine was 789 hours once, so I put it forward a year it said your clocks wrong so I put it back and it's fine!
CRglivestrong 12 yr ago x
How do you add new friends on surfs I'm very comfuzzled pls write back quickly
Belinda 12 yr ago x
Lol it's addicting. Yeah I keep changing the time to speed up the crops it works perfect even though the warnings come up.extra time for the surfs being out sucks though
Andrew 12 yr ago x
the way to do it is not to go forward more then a full day... so plant many potatoes then change the time 1 day in advance... retrieve all your potatoes in game. change the date back to the original settings. and repeat the process
polowy 12 yr ago x
I want free smurfberries so bad right now I have none and it stinks to wait for crops to grow and bridges to build and houses to build. I wish I had extra smurfberries so I could Hefty smurf so he could make them faster!!!!!!!
Rae 12 yr ago x
The time cheat works perfectly fine for me, and I think I have a few simple steps you should do before you do this time cheat. First, grow some crops (ex potato), then minimize the game, after that go change the time setting. After that open the game, yes, your crops are ready to harvest!!
Pam 12 yr ago x
I am have lots of trouble loading my village I get to the song and it has like a musical hiccup and that puts my back to the main screen. It has been 24 hours now, ;(
Zoe4eva 12 yr ago x
If u don't want kids to purchase berries, go to settings, general, restrictions and go to in-app purchases and turn it off! Simple. And put a code on it so they can't get to the iTunes without asking u. Hope that helps? I love smurfs village!!
Sfdty 12 yr ago x
How do you get baby smurfberries and smurfette with out paying smurfette berries
Yo 12 yr ago x
Baby smurfberries?!?!?!?!?!?!?
ted from Holland 12 yr ago x
when you want to play,at first set it way back in the past,month or something, so when changing the time, only set it forwards. i think the game won't notice this cheat so much .. (since a setback in time is onlogic, so this is where it will look for)
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