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Smurfs' Village Iphone game app free smurfberries cheats

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Sofieeee 12 yr ago x
Smurfette wants me to plant her flowers, harvest blueberries, and bake her a blueberry cake. I planted flowers and harvested, but i go into the bakery and after i make blueberry cakes she doesnt respond, ! how do i complete this task! help!
Elle 12 yr ago x
You need to make a blueberry cake (it's second from the end) not blueberry cupcakes.
Y 12 yr ago x
My snails and catipilars aren't giving me extra xp every day and I'm not getting a gift every day either. Anyone know why?
Laura 12 yr ago x
The snails and caterpillars are doing the same for me. I just think Capcom have changed them from doing it every hour to everyday.
Thunder 12 yr ago x
How does hefty Smurf work. I have the hefty house but can't seem to get him to reduce the time it takes to build something.
bkglass 12 yr ago x
i got papa's warning 2 or 3 times, and now, instead of sending my smurf on a task that takes 100's of hours, i am told to make a purple potion as a mission, and every time i try, the potion will not mix and it shatters. it lets me try right away again, instead of waiting a few hours, but about 10 times it shatters every time!! ive mastered the blue potion, im on level 20, i wouldnt have gotten this far w/o being good at potion mixing. argh!
Charliegirl 12 yr ago x
Papa smurf has given me a riddle I am unable to figure out could someone please help the riddle says........ This is a room that has no floors no walls no windows and also no doors what is it??? Then it says place the item mentioned in the riddle??? What is the item I can't figure it out someone help please!!!!!
heidi 12 yr ago x
@Charliegirl, what level are you playing? Never had riddles before :)

Anyway, I think a mushroom?
Rob 12 yr ago x
That riddle is mushy.
N what a smurftastic game.
elle 12 yr ago x
its a mushroom
 12 yr ago x
How do I plant flowers? What seed do I need?
Jaida 12 yr ago x
I need smurfberries!
cutiepie3367 12 yr ago x
ok, so i need to know what level you can get grouchy smurf on the new updated version. :) any help please?
cutiepie3367 12 yr ago x
Jaida: the only way you can get smurfberries is to but them..or you can get them on each sorry! i had the same exact problem but now im just getting the smurfberries whenever they give them to me! you can plant flowers just by buying them in that little plant section...haha. its actually easy.
Asrael 12 yr ago x
How do I get the special rocks that you can put in front of your hoses?
 12 yr ago x
lol I thought I have to use the crops, I did it! I bought some blue flowers ;) thanks for your help!
 12 yr ago x
@cutiepie3367; btw I'm on lvl 18 and when you mentioned it, it's actually a new smurf on my village. I Think he's "Grouchy Smurf". Gotta help you back since you helped me with my silly flowers question, hahaha ;)
Thunder 12 yr ago x
Can someone tell me how Hefty house works. I can't get him to reduce the time when building new things.
Sephy..x 12 yr ago x
Hello everyone,
I am sorry to say, there are no cheats to get free Smurfberries on Smurfs Village. You have to buy them with your own money or wait until yo level up, then you get 1-5 Smurfberries for free.
lolkinza 12 yr ago x
you can get millions of smurf berries but i dont know how LOL
Tammy 12 yr ago x
I really really want to get free smurfberries but I can't figure out how !!!!!!!!!!!!
Soey 12 yr ago x
I want Smurfette in my village but I do not have enough smurfberries and I can't get 30 before valentine's day I think it would be cool if you can comunicate with her.
Bluecows  12 yr ago x
Headi,you can turn off in app purchases on your
iPhone, touch or pad in the settings
Den 12 yr ago x
Use your finger to swipe across the screen to make the potion as shaking it will always make the bottle break when you get to that level.
Candypandy 12 yr ago x
Hey my smurf game doesnt work. When i go on, the song starts, then it makes like a weird sound and then it gos to the homepage. WHATS WRONG WITH THE GAME!!!??? IM NOT THE ONLY ONE!!!!
Thunder 12 yr ago x
Bummer, I guess no one has gotten the Hefty house yet. Well, when someone finally does and you figure it out. Would really appreciate you sharing it with me.
Soey 12 yr ago x
Jo: I tried what you said but Papa Smurf finds out you changed the clock. I need free smurfberries it is URGENT !!
go 12 yr ago x
how to cheat and get many smurf berries?
MarioNLuigi 12 yr ago x
Hey I'm a level 25 and I don't have Grouchy Smurf. What the heck is going on? Everybody else but me. Why?
Ducksarecool 12 yr ago x
How do you keep smurfette in your village? What house do I need to build for her
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