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Kurtis Prosser 10 yr ago x
To make him say I'm watching u throw the paper wad at the LCD screen and to make him smash the keyboard u have to hit the edge of his desk or LCD screen with a pie
Dmanzilla  10 yr ago x
I beat the game ask me for help or email me at *** :)
I need help!! 10 yr ago x
Thanks slayer!! :) I just got it n finished my checklist!!!
PLEASE HELP MEEE!!!! 10 yr ago x
How do you finish the "I'm watching you" task!!!!!!! HELP MEEEEE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!
Harry Potter Rocks! 10 yr ago x
How do u get the pencil to hit the water jug?
bay 10 yr ago x
to get the "I'm watching you." I kept missing with different items
Guest 10 yr ago x
To get im watching you just through a few eggs at him.
Help! 10 yr ago x
How do you get paper tantrum revenge? That's the last one I need.
Steveduck 10 yr ago x
Ok people, to get the squid tap it when it pops up on screen. It will show up every now and then. When you tap him you can throw until you miss. Then keep catching it until you have 25 and you can use it forever! :D glad to help.
Help 10 yr ago x
I can't get the pencil to go over his head and I've flicked it really fast in that direction
Nobody 10 yr ago x
Keep hitting him with the paper ball until he gets really mad and then he'll throw it back at you
shdhhs 10 yr ago x
when I click on a pencil it comes up as a white box ?
Superman 10 yr ago x
How do u get him to say I'm watching u???
SMILE! :) 10 yr ago x
i will answer all the questions

ok the first thing on the trophy checklist says... "im watching you" ok you do that by missing him a BUNCH of times it took me awhile but i got it

ok the 2nd thing is "banging keyboard" you throw the stapler at his computer til it turns blue and he will bang on the keyboard

the 3rd thing is "broken LCD" its pretty much the same thing as above but u just break the computer screen not make it blue (use the stapler)

the 4th thing is "broken window" you throw the stapler really quick toward the window a couple times and it will shater the glass

the 5th thing is "coffee cup dunk" all you have to do there is make something in his coffee cup next to him

the 6th thing is "coffee depth charge" just make the dynomite in his coffee cup and it will shoot up the coffee like a fountain

ok the 7th thing is "coffee spray" make the eraser in his cup of coffee a few times and he will drink it and spit out the coffee

the 8th thing is "cupcake revenge" all you have to do is hit him in the face twice with the cupcake and he will throw it back at ya

the 9th thing is "dizzy canaries" just touch the fan and throw it at him a couple times (obviously hit him) and it will make the canaries

the 10th is "dizzy spirals/stars its the same thing as the 9th one

the 11th one is "double dart spectacle" try to get each dart (2) on his glasses

the 12th is "ear pencil" keep hittting him with the pencil and wait til he turns around and aim for his ear

the 13th is "eraser snack" keep hitting him with the eraser until he turns around the aim for his mouth (with the eraser)

the 14th is "fan in the face scream" just keep hitting him with the fan

15th is "giant pie face lick" hit him in the face twice with the pie and he will lick it off

16th is "golf ball swallow" when he turns around hit him in the mouth with the golf ball

17th is "hands on head taunt" keep missing him with anything

18th "head lump" hit him in the back of the head with the fan and it will give him a lump on his head

19th " keyboard facial imprint" keep hitting him in the head with the fan and his head will go down and hit his keyboard

20th "laughing taunt" this just comes when you miss him a couple of time (3 or 4 or so)

21st "Nasal pencil" all you have to do is make a pencil it in his nose when he turns around

22nd "paper tantrum revenge" keep hitting him with the paper ball in the face til he gets red faced and really mad and he will throw it back at ya

23rd "pie face lick" same thing as number 15

24th "poster smash" throw the golfball or stapler at either his picture next to him (on the left with him and his cat) or hit the employee of the month picture on the wall with the stapler

25th "scoreboard toss" just touch the scoreboard and hit him with it

26th "snickerin" miss him a few times to his right and he will snicker

27th "water cooler squirt all you have to do is throw the pencil towards the water cooler quickly it will take a minute but you will get it over his head :)

I hope this helped i tried my best and yes i have already completed the game! oh and you also have to touch the squid everytime it appears on the screen 25 times to get him forever

if you have any questions just post with my name above ao i know that you are speaking to me! once again hoped this helped have fun!!!!! :)
admins 10 yr ago x
^^ edited that a bit, added returns, so it's more readable... :)
Calilove10 10 yr ago x
How do u get the poster smash ?????? 
Mike  10 yr ago x
Smile:) r u single and if ur male ill still marry u married or not u helped me sooooooo much thx how can i ever repay u
Kaytabell 10 yr ago x
How do u get the double dart thang
Tori 10 yr ago x
I cannot get Poster Smash or Water cooler squirt....someone please help!!!!!!!!
None of yo buisness 10 yr ago x
He has the stupidest voice
Calilove10 10 yr ago x
How do you do poster smash
TMAMS 10 yr ago x
How do you get "pie face lick"??

I also cant get the pencil to the water tank. Please help
Awesome person 10 yr ago x
@TMAMS to get pie face lick you throw the pie at his face and to get the pencil to the water tank, just keep throwing the pencil at it real hard and you should get!
Nerdiebirdie 10 yr ago x
How do you get the pencil over his head
Nerdieberdie 10 yr ago x
I got the trophy the dart spectacle wuz the hardest thx
Awesome person 10 yr ago x
Good for you and I think the pencil to the water tank was the hardiest
Hhgfh 10 yr ago x
Coffee spray keep tossing cake in coffee till he drink it
matty66 10 yr ago x
the dart spetical wus so easy

i need the water cooler thing
matty66 10 yr ago x
Awesome person 10 yr ago x
Awesome and I beat it to!!!!! So if some one needs help ask me.
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