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Just ask me 10 yr ago x
SlayerX007@ ok all u do to get the spuid is keep messing with the guy and the squid will soon appear somewhere click on it and wait and then u can throw the spuid at him but if u miss him u cnt throw it anymore. Just keep looking for them! If u find 25 u get something.
Just ask me 10 yr ago x
Ok I have finally finished office jerk if u have questions on ANYTHING ask me and I will have an awnser for you. Remember anytging you have to ask me about office jerk just ask.
Just ask me 10 yr ago x
Help me!@ ok all you do is throw the paper ball at his back and then when he turns around throw it at his face and keep throwing at his face and FINALLY he will do it but if u mess up and miss his face tou have start all over again from hitting his back!
haydy 10 yr ago x
to get the im watching you u have to throw the piece of paper of the screen
G 10 yr ago x
How do u catch the squid and find him
Poop 10 yr ago x
How 2get squid unlocked?
Nickiiii 10 yr ago x
Coffee spray = rubber , cupcake , paper ball ect.
Coffe depth charge = dynamite in coffee cup.
Water cooler squirt = pencil thrown at it
Nickiiiiiii 10 yr ago x
I HAVE DONE ALL OF THEM !!!! i got trophy and the squid !!!!!! :)
Im so cool 10 yr ago x
Ive now got everything
Nickiiiiii 10 yr ago x
I have done all on them. If ur stuck , just ask me :)
bella 10 yr ago x
how do u throw the pencil ALL the way to the water cooler?? and how do u get the pie face lick?
awesome person 10 yr ago x
@bella to get pie face lick throw the pie at his face
Bri 10 yr ago x
I got all of that for free!
Monstar  10 yr ago x
Yay I have da trophy now - thank you so much everybody
By the way if u need the throw score board one all u do is click on the score board and click throw
Peace people  10 yr ago x
HOw do u get the log thing on the page when u choose what to throw ????
ZOLTAR  10 yr ago x
to get the "banging keyboard" ceck you need to break the lcd and throw a pie at it!!!
chowsky 10 yr ago x
So how do you get the water cooler squirt on Office Jerk? You have to get everything on the checklist before you can throw the trophy. And water cooler squirt is the only one I can't seem to get.
Help 10 yr ago x
Help me I can't do the water squirt and poster smash all the people that told me to do it turned out wrong someone please help me
Beatit 10 yr ago x
You throw the pencil when the wind speed on the right is close to seven ant throw it toward the direction of the door
Blue Screen 10 yr ago x
To get the blue screen just get your pencil to hit the pencil jar next to the photo of the jerk and his cat, try it untill you get it, took me 4 trys
Just Ask Me 10 yr ago x
Ok to get water cooler squirt get the pencil and keep throwing it towards the water cooler and soon it will stick into it! Just keep aimong it towards the water cooler! U will get it soon! Trust me I have finished the whole game! Need any more help? Just put @Just Ask Me to ask me a question about office jerk I am sure to know all of them! Thanks and gla to help!
Dassy 10 yr ago x
What is double dart spectacle?
Haha 10 yr ago x
Double dart spectacle is getting the darts to stick to his glasses, one on each eye
Awesome 10 yr ago x
@nickiiiiii your mean
SlayerX007 10 yr ago x
Ok, I've just about had it with this game. It's not boring or dumb, but the squid would never pop up, the game would always glitch, and I've completed the checklist and it won't let me throw the trophy. Any suggestions?
Kk 10 yr ago x
Whats double dart spectacle
Lol 10 yr ago x
How do u get gum
awesome person 10 yr ago x
@slayerXoo7 to get the squid you have to miss him and you should try to update it. did you hit throw trophy
SlayerX007 10 yr ago x
I know but it just glitches and it won't work
heeeeeeeelp meeeeerr 10 yr ago x
how do you do long distance call?
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