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Office Jerk iphone cheats free ACME pack dynamite pie eggs stapler app

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Greg 7 yr ago x
The new office jerk is retarted... You need to buy more items lik WTF!! Make it free with more items like a chair, cup, food, the wepeon holder, etc.. Please!
Greg 7 yr ago x
@sarah i believe you have to get the zombie version and get most of the achievements there to unlock "the brain" and to get the calander just tap it and you can throw it when a menu pops up :) hope this helps!!!
Coco 7 yr ago x
Tilt the phone a lil and throw the phone Towards the picture or the glass to hit them
awesome person 7 yr ago x
hey do people here know what firetruck stands for and i need help how do get the pointy thing in the zombie version
Mimi 7 yr ago x
Mimi 7 yr ago x
Ugh how do u do the gesundheit in the checklist its my last
Carrie 7 yr ago x
How do I get him to eat an eraser?
Carrie 7 yr ago x
Mimi, keep hitting him in the face with the bag of flour and hell sneeze
Carrie 7 yr ago x
Oh and I need the poster smash.
Nicole 7 yr ago x
How do I do the hands in head laughing taunt ....
Carrie 7 yr ago x
Nicole you just keep missing.
lnknprkfn 7 yr ago x
@Carrie, to have him eat the eraser you just keep hitting him in the face with it and poster smash is easy with the cellphone atleast to me you flick it quickly at the employee of the month poster on the wall next to the water fountain..
Eminent 7 yr ago x
How do you crumble the poster
Eminem 7 yr ago x
How do u do poster smash last check
LOLA 7 yr ago x
how do i "Hit the picture by the water cooler"?
Carrie 7 yr ago x
To eat the eraser do I throw the pencil and keep hitting him?
Poop 7 yr ago x
You throw the eraser that looks like gum into his face by his mouth region to get him to eat the eraser.
Carrie 7 yr ago x
I threw the gum in his mouth and it Did the bubble pop, not eat the eraser.
Carrie 7 yr ago x
Oops wrong gum. Lol
RR61WDS 7 yr ago x
To hit the water cooler: Throw pencil at it.
To hit the window:Throw golf ball at it

For more help just go to my twitter associated page and you should see the office jerk help section. It may be 24 hours before it shows the update.
Questioner 7 yr ago x
How do u complete the challenge 'water cooler squirt' ??????? HELP!!!!
hugo665 7 yr ago x
i guys,
how to have coins in order to get more items without purchase with real money ?
i miss the duck, the gum, golden str, dynamite, dart, egg
Nickel 7 yr ago x
How do you get the pencil to hit the water cooler to make it squirt?!?!?!?!?!?
Peyton 7 yr ago x
You have to throw the pencil hard to get the water to squirt
done!!!!:) 7 yr ago x
To get the water cooler squirt you just have to flick the pencil really hard until you get it over him.. For the squid you just tap on him and capture him 25 times to unlock him for free.. To get the "I'm watching you" you just keep throwing paper at and around him.. Hope this helps!!!!
GLEEK. 7 yr ago x
- To hit the water cooler u use the pencil. it took me a while but then it works. and to get it over his head u swipe up on the screen faster than usual.

- To hit the poster, its the picture of a guy. and its right next to the water cooler. u use the stapler, and also swipe up on the screen faster. thats the same for the window which is to the right of the water.

- To get the squid, u have to find him. he usually pops up after u throw something. but not every time. and he wont pop up in the same spot every time. then u click on him. and that click counts as one. u wanna click and use him 25 times. or u could buy him for 15 coins.

- To get the coffee dunk, throw something in his coffee mug. u might want it to be something small.
kaykay 7 yr ago x
how do you get the roundish thing on the tools board. it's right next to the score board on the thing
Misiiii 7 yr ago x
How do i get him to do hands on head??
BvBizarre 7 yr ago x
ive thrown the pencil at the water tank for so long and it just keeps going to the poster... help?! pleasee!!
Jake678 7 yr ago x
I try to hit the cooler but it won't let me. And to break the window u have to swipe really fast with the stapler that's what I did
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