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Minipony 7 yr ago x
Hi cm punk I added you as a friend please send me gems! M horses name is Gavin thanks
DevilsKiss 7 yr ago x
Hi can someone send me jems I need a lot to buy a horse my nickname is DevilsKiss
And my horse's name is Angel
Please send me jems!!!
Soccer chick  7 yr ago x
Um cm punk I added you so can u plz send so gems
Addi 7 yr ago x
Cm punk i adferd you :) My Horse's name is Jasmine :) - Addictively
Min Ho 7 yr ago x
Change the time on your iPhone/iPad/iPod then you'll be able to keep competing and earn coins easily! Plus, it's the easiest way to level up so you could collect more gems. Works everytime! Add me up! Min Ho
GlassyEmber100 7 yr ago x
Hello RattyYucca62. I am GlassyAmber100, I just sent you an invite. If you can help me with some gems it would be great! Thanks
boy 7 yr ago x
cm punk i added u plz help me
johnny 7 yr ago x
hey i added you as a friend can u make me happy and give me gems my name is Butterz
Trufff 7 yr ago x
how do i add people
scd 7 yr ago x
Okay I added both of y'all I'll be waiting for my gems I'll really appreciate it thanks
SimbaIsKing 7 yr ago x
Um I added you RattyYucca62 please send me those gems :D
Me  7 yr ago x
Ratty I added you can you please send me some gems?
Thanks! (:
Lelelo 7 yr ago x
Hi cm punk I have sent you a friend request could you accept it and could I have some gems you would make me very happy
Horselover123 7 yr ago x
How do you change the time on an iPod touch? P.S. i want it because my horse uses a real clock and if you change the time it fast forwards your task or results
Liannex 7 yr ago x
How do I get gems??
dill 7 yr ago x
Cm punk dylanherridge18 just added you please send me gems!
Emmybear 7 yr ago x
Hi. I added you for the free gems. How do I get them now!?!?!
Macy.sadler 7 yr ago x
Can u send me those gems? I'm trying to get a blanket but I don't have enough:(
caledonian 7 yr ago x
hi cm punk,
i added you, so please send me the gems? :)
DoTheDewMTD 7 yr ago x
Hi there im Alin and new to this game. My horse name is Dana just like my real one back home in Romania. Can you please help me with Energy , Coins and Gems thank you xxx My nickname is DoTheDewMTD
My horse lloyd 7 yr ago x
Bwoy, ive sent a freind request to u.... Any chance of having some free gems? If u can that would be greatly appreciated :) thanks x
Rockyroch 7 yr ago x
Cm punk and RattyYucca62 I have added you thank you very much.
Firebid 7 yr ago x
PattyYucca62, I added you as friend, could you PLEASE... (when in caps, it's a big please) send me some gems?
Fish 7 yr ago x
Excuse, can I gt cheat codes fr my horse game..?
P.S m against'em
Kellizoo 7 yr ago x
Hi RattyYucca62, I've just invited you. Is it possible to get those extra gems? I'd really appreciate it!
Caityrose145 7 yr ago x
How do u add people
Skigirl138 7 yr ago x
Hi RattyYucca67 I was just wondering when I can get my gems I really need new equipment and stuff thanks so much for understanding

P.s I need neighbors add me. XxSkigirlxX
H14 7 yr ago x
Hey cm punk I think I added u caitypotato is my my horse name
beAuty 7 yr ago x
Hi, I'm new to my horse can ppl send me coins,gems or tips. Tah
imdead! 7 yr ago x
i have no gems. i have no MONEY! i have no health or happiness! plz help somone! if anybody knows any free gems cheats plz tell! i know cheats for temple run sims3 sims freeplay. if anyone has cheats 4 pet shop story plz tell and i will tell my cheats. my id iz kitgirl and my horse's name iz blaze.
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