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EqGirl 7 yr ago x
Hey Bwoy, will you please send me the gems and make all of my horses in the same stable or whatever? I just added you. Thanks.
Sarah 7 yr ago x
Hi cm punk. Would be wonderful if you could send me some gems :)
Ice Man 7 yr ago x
I done that cheat. But now i have to wait 30 years for my energy to refill XD
Llou Llou 7 yr ago x
Ive added you please may u have gems now x
Ilovehorses11 7 yr ago x
Hi RattyYucca I just added you! I really need those gems desperately my horse is running low on energy and I need to buy him the food that costs gems. Could you PLEASE PLEASE send me gems? TYSM!
Ilovehorses11 7 yr ago x
Oh and my unsername is pinkgumdrop and my horses name is easterlilly!
Rainycloud 7 yr ago x
Ice man, you have to remove de game and download it again. When you start it, it will ask you if you will start a new game or not, if you choose not, than you have your old profile with new energy
caligirll 7 yr ago x
Cm punk o added you too. Can you send me the gem cheat?? Thanks. New to this game and I love it!!
Loveydovey 7 yr ago x
Ok most of you have been asking how to gets free gems and coins fast I will tell you. Go to the coin ones and click on all the ones you have unlocked and click on the highest paying one then go to settings and Change the current date to 2 days later an you will have free coins fast! The more you do that the more XP you have and every time you level up you get a gem! Hope this helped please add me pinkgumdrop
Vickytm 7 yr ago x
How do you get more energy plz friend request me vickytm
Fair Beauty 7 yr ago x
Hey I would like some new neighbors my name is gutsywager99. Thanks!
Lutwitch 7 yr ago x
Hi Ratty, i added you please send me some gems :)
bellaswan181 7 yr ago x
Hey Cm Punk, i added you! Could you pls send me the gems?i would be so happy if you do! Thank you, bellaswan181
Becky 7 yr ago x
Hi everyone I'd like to know if I can transfer my horse app to my second iPhone without having to create a new profile and adopt a new horse

Thanks for answering :)
Becky 7 yr ago x
Hey RattyYucca62 I just added you! My nickname is RingerBrine80 please send me the gems if you have enough time :)
Angel 7 yr ago x
Can someone send me gems on MyHorse?
Angel 7 yr ago x
My MyHorse profile is GravelRhyme97
Tamarazein 7 yr ago x
hi Cm Punk
i added you just right now when you accept me can you please send me gems i really need them thank you.
Briarkay 7 yr ago x
Hi ratty I added you
Laurenalainarox! 7 yr ago x
Hi cm punk, I'd like some help for gems and horses thanks:)
My name is also llaurenalainarox on there
Lauren Alaina rox 7 yr ago x
Ratty yucca62 please help
Llaurenalainarox 7 yr ago x
Im also Lauren Alaina on the game
Charliebrown 7 yr ago x
Hi cm punk I added you as well and was wondering if you could please send me gems I'm saving up for a zebra:D
Charliebrown 7 yr ago x
Hi ratty yucca62 I added you as well u an saving up for a zebra:) on the game my name Is DenimStar
Karla 7 yr ago x
My username is karlitabaltuano . I'm on all the time, I can help others ! Add me ! :)
Pearlweed 7 yr ago x
I net a log of gems, help please? :)
HakzOr 7 yr ago x
Hey cm punk, please can you send me the gems. I don't want the multiple horse unless it's no trouble. Thanks.
HakzOr 7 yr ago x
I add both bwoy and ratty. Please send gems. Thanks guys
Poppy 7 yr ago x
dear cm punk added you as a friend im chickennamedalanna my horse is penny
Jaime'sgirl 7 yr ago x
Hello Ratty Yucca62, I have added you, name is Jaime's girl, could you help me out with some gems. Thanks much...
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