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GuitarLord 8 yr ago x
I don't know if anyone cares or if you already know but I figured out how to get your horse to rear and sometimes buck while in the pasture picture mode... I don't want to sound stupid so just ask if you want to know.
Rubymustard 8 yr ago x
Does anyone know how to get germs with out actually buying them for real money? Also how do you send a message to a friend? And a final question.......if you can how do you send or ask people for gems?
LuvBug 8 yr ago x
Hey can anyone PLEASE help me with gems? i am running low): PLEASE PLEASE add me my nick name is BabyJaneLuver. And please tell me how you get all these gems! thanks!
Spanner  8 yr ago x
I seem to have completed all the competitions, and no new ones are available for me to train for. Does anyone know what happens next?
Maverick man  8 yr ago x
I have been playing this game and have really enjoyed it but am wondering why I cant do the tasks any more. I think
It was when got to level ten the stable hand Dan stoped making me do the tasks and i was wondering why it did this? Anynone know?
Maverick man 8 yr ago x
Spanner....... I don't know why you can't train for any more compititions the only thing that might have happened is you have "beaten" the game. And since you are so far along in the game do you still get tasks form the stable hand....I don't and I dont know why
Asmyown 8 yr ago x
Why are my energy not going up? Have doing the thing, going back in time so i can se the results earlier! Is this Egypten My horse not getting new energy? Xo xo
Magic 8 yr ago x
I would not trust him but if your my friend I will take care of your horses it would be best to buy them then Liston him it's kdasher
Habs 8 yr ago x
Hey cm punk I added u, what do I have to do for the gems.? Thanks p.s my username is Goflamesgo and my horses name is saphire
My horse user 8 yr ago x
Really good game! I love my horse but you shouldn't make most of the horses worth gems. Only the more exclusive ones.
MajorOwl 8 yr ago x
RattyYacca62 I just requseted you, can you please help me with gems? Thanks in advance :)
SoftlyOxide78 8 yr ago x
I added u too. Wld luv those gems ;)
Chrsevrs 8 yr ago x
Hey.. Im playing my horse too ! U can add me to your friendlist.. My username is chrsevrs and my horse is ferro.. Greets!
Stride 8 yr ago x
@Jackie: A hint regarding the "time-setting-cheat". When you set ahead the time and you are playing the game on your iPhone, you have to make sure your phone is in airplane-mode, not just WiFi turned off! Otherwise, your energy will "remember" the time you went ahead and increase the counter for your energy for that many seconds. Then it seems like your energy is "stuck". If you tap on the energy bar tho, you will see that it's still counting down, it just takes for ever! So, wait it out and next time you use the trick, make sure the phone is on airplane mode and can't connect to the game server... ;)
Heated Caulk 78 8 yr ago x
Please Ratty or Punk, I would like some gems,
Miffy 8 yr ago x
Hi cm punk! I just added u as a friend there and just wondered if I could also have the gems and multiple horse! My username is xmiffyx!

Ratty I also added u! I'm very low on gems so please please please help
Thanks :)
NorseMoon 8 yr ago x
Ratty is pulling one over on ya all!! Geeez ... Nothing's for free.
Pinkla 8 yr ago x
God u idiots they're just scamming you... Duh...
Ice dragon 8 yr ago x
This is not a rip of! It is the best app ever! I ADORE horses and I ride in real life and i called it lettie in both versions
Kirsten xx 8 yr ago x
I added u cmpunk and rattyyucca62 my horse is called indy please send me the gems :D x
Portmom 8 yr ago x
I bought christmas gear the other day - blanket, bridle, reins - now they have disappeared from my horse but my gold and gems have not been refunded. Also, the folder with the christmas stuff is no longer in the game but halloween and thanksgiving are. Any thoughts?
flentandopp 8 yr ago x
i too lost all of my holiday stuff :( i hope they bring it back soon. Also, i just finished a competition and got 2nd after earning all perfects. The winner scored 99500. How is this possible?? is there some fancy cheat people are using??
Ladybug 8 yr ago x
Yeah I had the same problems with the holiday items and the scores, two people beat me with over 100,000 points. Thats got to be some kind of bug with the game, unless there's a cheat.
Sparkle  8 yr ago x
Hi cmpunk I added u as a friend on my horse my nickname is shinytwixt81 can u pleas send me some gems?
Stcy 8 yr ago x
Hello rattyyucca62 i added you, my name is STCY and my horses name is Candyman
Stcy 8 yr ago x
Hello cm punk i added you as friend my name is STCY and my horses name is Candyman, please sent me gems..

Is there someone who can sent me money?

HorsesRule 8 yr ago x
RattyYucca62, pretty PLEASE send me those gems, as I am running short of them and I'm not allowed to get any more. :( I hope you can help!
Oh, and my nickname in My Horse is GorgeousAwesome. :)
mherring 8 yr ago x
Hey guys add me as your friend!!! My username is mherring
Angaiiiii 8 yr ago x
Cmpunk I added you as a friend how do I get gems what do i have to do? Thanks so much!
HorsesRule 8 yr ago x
I agree with all of you guys. I think RattyYucca and Cm Punk's gem promises aren't real or legit after all. Geez, I think it is just a ploy to annoy people by ruining their profiles or to get more people on their friend lists. I don't think they had a lot of friends to
start with, anyway.
You two, own up to this gem scam and stop swindling innocent gem-hungry players!!!!!!
Cm Punk, I can't even find your My Horse profile!
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