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Snoopy's Street Fair iphone free cheats hacks ipad game app

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Awash 12 yr ago x
Add me as a friend
My referal code is:8YpTRx6VR

Please please please add me
freckles*mcgee 12 yr ago x
Add me: freckles*mcgee
The boss 12 yr ago x
Add me my referral code is GpR6JT
vin 12 yr ago x
hi anyone ... can tell me how change colour of fair?

add me .. GC id: vinvinzz
Gegeebuka 12 yr ago x
Does anybody know when the next update is coming out

Game Center ID: ebuka91
Love every game play :)
hoda 12 yr ago x
guys can any of you add me !! plz

game center name : Hoda Mohamed

hoping to see your fair!
Guest 12 yr ago x
Hi guys please add me i need friend my referral code :GBgWXWy
karina 12 yr ago x
agreguenme!! GzXc67w please add me
Guest 12 yr ago x
Mkpat123 please give me your referral code
Mkpat123 12 yr ago x
I dont have a referral code
Tattooedtwiin 12 yr ago x
Gegeebuka. You ar a one sided player... I visit your Snoppy fair and leave gifts many timea, you never return the favor, or visit, or trade cards. You have been unfriended. Your "hacks" of updating the times on your device are just shortcuts. Not nice.
Gegeebuka 12 yr ago x
Tattooedtwin sorry for not replying your gift i am only allowed to use my ipod for two days and i am trying my best to accept there is so much so on Saturday i will try to receive every ones gifts and visit as many parks

Please do not get angry :(

ID: ebuka91
Ish 12 yr ago x
Plz add me
Thank you
Kcobbles 12 yr ago x
Talking cat the dog iPod free tubes cheats/iPad app
Guest 12 yr ago x
Anyone can give me gifts?
Guest 12 yr ago x
Gc id ayu chester
Mari 12 yr ago x
Please add me : Mariana jaque
Hoku 12 yr ago x
Gegeebuka, can i ask if i updated my snoopy fair, will the purchases i made with iapcracker going to get transacted with the credit card i'm using? Hope to receive a reply from you asap. Thanks alot. :)
Hoku 12 yr ago x
Btw gegeebuka, do you have any chatting service for you to help us? Thanks.. :)
Gegeebuka 12 yr ago x
Hoku if u update snoopy fair ur iapcracker would still work so don't worry. Hoku and i do have mant of chats my main ones are hotmail and for the ipod chat you have to ask me a qustion first
Gegeebuka 12 yr ago x
Hoku this is my email address


Chat: :)
=D 12 yr ago x
Hoku 12 yr ago x
Ok gegeebuka.thanks! :) btw is there an app chat for ipad? And what's the question that i need to ask u?
Gegeebuka 12 yr ago x
Hoku there is a app the ipad which is for ipod and ipad it is called messgaes and my chat is the same as my message app ;-)
Hoku 12 yr ago x
Gegeebuka, i tried using the messages app here in my ipad. Were u able to receive my message? :)
Gegeebuka 12 yr ago x
Sorry but I did not get it try it again
Gegeebuka 12 yr ago x
Sorry my message is
ayamtheressa 12 yr ago x
Hello guys add me on snoopy street fair :D and can u help me may friend how can i get more money on snoopy
Guest 12 yr ago x
Please send me tree eating kite thank U my referral code: GBgWXWy
norealer 12 yr ago x
Tattooedtwiin....i have all the right tools but how do you get the money u need with out the jailbreak?
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