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Tattooedtwiin 10 yr ago x
Abb and Fruits, glad it worked for you both! Happy to help.
Glad you got it done before the next update as last time it didnt work after the update. Enjoy and spread your wealth to those lower level players who cant do it. Rock on.
abbthemad me 10 yr ago x
@TT i thank you so much,for your time and your patience,you have been fantastic,and yes i will be spreading the goodness :)
littlebear 10 yr ago x
:(( please help me also how to get SD...
i downloaded the diskaid and also the hex editor.but it said i have to download the FileApp in the iphone:(( Please Help..
littlebear 10 yr ago x
i cannot go to this step?how can i find this = Diskaid>Preferences>
littlebear 10 yr ago x
IM ON THE TRACT NOW BUT I DONT KNOW HOW TO USE the hex editor and changing the codes :(
littlebear 10 yr ago x
pls help me :( my SD is 8 and my coins 22176109 :( when i will put in in converter its 21D689?i cant find i dont know what to change also :( wanted to have good fair too :(
tattooedtwiin 10 yr ago x
1. what device are you using?
2. open your game, write down your coins and CLOSE THE APP COMPLETELY.
3. Send me your player_data.dat file
littlebear 10 yr ago x
hmm i saw it already its 156222 then before that 08 which is my i dont know how will i change that..:(
littlebear 10 yr ago x
heres my player data : pls help..:)
littlebear 10 yr ago x
oh sorry how can i send it to you :(im not good at this..
littlebear 10 yr ago x
if i will open my device it would make me choose to where i want to restore my game:(
tattooedtwiin 10 yr ago x
littlebear, Im not sure I can help you if you are that unfamiliar with what we are doing here. I need you to follow the directions I stated earlier and email me your file. You could be doing more harm then good if you're not sure what you are doing. Sorry.
littlebear 10 yr ago x
im using iphone 3gs :(
tattooedtwiin 10 yr ago x
The hack will work on most non jailbroken devices...I've posted and walked many people through the process. I invited you to send me you player-data.dat file with your coins so I could do it for you but you aren't providing that to me..At this point since you don't want to send it to me I would suggest you go back and read the forums. It is step-by step. Good Luck. TT
littlebear 10 yr ago x
tattoedtwiin :)
its ok.actually i followed the one you on the track but i i dont know where to change so my SD will increase. i found already my converted HEX in the hex editor also befrore my coins i saw the 08 which is my cuurent can i change that now? thank you so much
tattooedtwiin 10 yr ago x
that is not necessarily your SD...Your SD may say 00 in the HEC editor..I don't know...Once you found the COIN string, move 3 spaces to the left and that is your SD, I have no way of knowing what your number is...mine happened to be 00. Good luck.
littlebear 10 yr ago x
@tattoedtwiin :)

Please tell me how can i send it to you..:(
open your game, write down your coins and CLOSE THE APP COMPLETELY.
Send me your player_data.dat file

littlebear 10 yr ago x
@ tattooedtwiin

i sent it so sorry.thank you for your patience just really wanted also to enjoy the fair like those who followed your instructions. im sorry im not good at this. thank you can i add you on my fair? :)
tattooedtwiin 10 yr ago x
littlebear-sorry I couldnt help, what is your referral code? I will be happy to add you. TT
Gegeebuka 10 yr ago x
Hi guys I am so happy that I will be proud to do this

The next 10 people the send me a message on the iPod/iPhone app message

My message email is:

Please type your name and say I want a free gift

The prize will be

1. I will help complete your card collection
2. I will give you two gifts or more.
3. And I will send you a extra gift :)

Game center: ebuka91
Gegeebuka 10 yr ago x
.P.S I will be doing this challenge every Friday and it will be called the super challenge remember u have to add me of you are the dirt ten people sink can give you the prize :) hope u have fun.

Game center: ebuka91 ps again send me a message on the iPod/iPhone and iPad app the messages thanks
Gegeebuka 10 yr ago x
Sorry for my spelling what I wanted to say you have to add me on game center so I can send u the gifts and u have to be the first ten people :) thanks for reading
poptartar 10 yr ago x
I tried the hack thingy. I changed the snoopy dollars. BUT. nothing happens. I double checked over and over. but still nothing...
poptartar 10 yr ago x
Tattooedtwiin 10 yr ago x
Poptarter, excellent! Glad you got it before the ipdate! Good job! Enjoy.
Patricia 10 yr ago x
I need more friends, please add me zVQJWX
kelen 10 yr ago x
plz add me Gc6WjcJ
yoyomanito 10 yr ago x
hey TT i just wanna give u a shoutout its nice to know there are people who care out there..thanks for helping everyone out..i plan to try out the hack youve provided within the day, does it still work when my non jail broken phone and snoopy app is up to date?
Tattooedtwiin 10 yr ago x
Yoyo. It still works. Do it before the next update which should be out soon as it might not work then. Good luck, let me know.
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