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Smurfs' Village Iphone game app free smurfberries cheats

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~Shadybeatz~ 11 yr ago x
Sorry everyone I've been on holidays for the past 2 weeks which for those who have me may have noticed I havnt been playing but thank you for all those who continued to gift me:) I should be back to playing and gifting In a few days:)
Moraise 11 yr ago x
If you want unlimited smurfberries you need Cydia!! You have it?!
Farmer Smurf 11 yr ago x
Ok so first of all does anyone know what level you get tracker smurf in the new update? Also @moraise what is Cydia?
Moraise 11 yr ago x
This is an application that you must have!!
it is supposedly cracked!!
So you have it?!
allison 11 yr ago x
hi guys! i have a jailbroken iphone, and an already existing smurf village. i've tried a bunch of different smurf DLCs from cydia, but none of them seem to work. if anyone knows how or what the specific working source and DLC is, that would be great :) i also have ifile if extra coding is required.
allison 11 yr ago x
me again. i figured out how to get smurfberries for free. you have to have a jailbroken device to do it. if anyone wants to know how, let me know! i'll be glad to help :) it's fairly simple and no coding is involved.
Moraise 11 yr ago x
Hey !! I got a know how!! Listen go to "manage" "source" and add
Now click on and install
" IAP Cracker"
So you can purchase smurfberries for free"
If you succeed let me know ;)
Moraise 11 yr ago x
I correct : I know how*
allison 11 yr ago x
@Moraise yep i had figured it out. additional detail: once you have iAP cracker installed, you have to go to the smurfberry shop in the game and select the amount of smurfberries as if you are actually buying them. but because iAP cracker is installed, it will not ask for your password to your account, therefore not charging it. :) just in case anyone was confused.
Christina10990 11 yr ago x
Surprise, surprise...since the latest update, I am having trouble gifting (or even getting to my own island). From the number of gifts I am getting daily...I am probably not the only one having this problem. I check several times a day for an update to fix this. Hopefully one comes soon.
Skygamer 11 yr ago x
Trouble gifting:
@Christina, agreed, it is hard to open neighbouring villages, gift or go to a neighbour's island and one's own island. The game exits to the desk top.
Bayli126 11 yr ago x
I spent about an hour trying to gift today and was only able to gift a handful of friends. I either get a Mesg saying Im not connected ( which I am), they aren't updated, or I get kicked out and it can't locate my friends when I sign back on. I ha e tried a few times tonight...but it doesn't seem to be working very well.
Ruth1910 11 yr ago x
Been trying to upload the new update for 5 days now! This sucks
Skygamer 11 yr ago x
Thanks, I received 2 gifts from you in the Skygamer village! All the gifts in Cutiepie's village were from Someone, one was probably from you.
Skygamer 11 yr ago x
Sending more than one gift to a neighbour on their island:
It may be possible to send more than one gift in 24hrs. It requires trees with fruit and an error message:
1. Go to neighbour's island
2. Give a gift
3. Their tree/s must have fruit - water a tree
4. If an error message comes up:
5. Press "Cancel" not "Try again"
6. Give a gift (if possible)
7. Water a tree and repeat the process if possible
I have not been able to replicate this potential unintended feature. Other error messages may also allow more than one gift (I received 2 from @Bayli yesterday). Unfortunately the current difficulties make it hard to gift and is probably not worth the effort.
samcook1 11 yr ago x
Well I can gift except for those players who haven't updated. I wish they had left it at the old system where you could gift but just not the new items so annoying and a complete waste of time.
@skygamer I might try that trick although I often gift twice a day by switching between iPhone and iPad - even though I often get nothing in return and that's when there are no system problems. Never mind I'll keep on gifting😄
Skygamer 11 yr ago x
Yes, I've read elsewhere that it is possible to send gifts from multiple devices. Good on you.
Welcome to the club. I try to gift every day and only receive about 30% back. My strategy going forward will be to have less friends and only keep those that gift back regularly.
Pepa 11 yr ago x
Hey does anyone want 2 be friends on smurf village my name is kephra nd by the way does anyone have monster pet shop who has rare eggs nd wanna be friends plz!!!!! I need these eggs😨
Skygamer 11 yr ago x
Sending more than one gift is possible if you follow steps 1 to 7 above (page153). Nightstars* if you read the posts to this site, please let us know if you received three gifts from me on 4 or 5 Aug 2012.
IS2318 11 yr ago x
Can anybody send me a blueberry cupcake as a gift ASAP! thank youuuu!!! add me: IS2318
Xiiao devil 11 yr ago x
What's KEG?
DancinLu 11 yr ago x
Hey guys!
I need friends that actually send gifts... Add me on GC! DancinLu <<< I give gifts everyday!
Also, what are the pros and cons of jailbreaking?
gr-alex 11 yr ago x
I'm new to this game, please add me as a friend (gr-alex). I have only 3 friends and never got any presents up to now...sniff...
ashcarr11 11 yr ago x
Couple of questions... What is the watering pump and can you water your own flower boxes or friends have to? I'd so, I need some smuef friends:)
CupcAke 11 yr ago x
You should jailbreak it and then download IAP cracker so you can buy thing that cost real money in every game
Xiiao devil 11 yr ago x
Add me GCAcc: SAY XY
So-Sweet Trini 11 yr ago x
How do u collect stone in the main village
Sammy 11 yr ago x
How do you get smurfberries please HELP ME 
Xiiao devil 11 yr ago x
@moraise Where is the 'mange'?'source'?
Brainy 11 yr ago x
Laura, you are not getting presents or xp for the two times you DID set it back! If you never set it back, it would have never done that!!!
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