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Smurfs' Village Iphone game app free smurfberries cheats

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Samcook1 11 yr ago x
Sorry to all my GC friends😢 I would gift 🎁and water 💦 but you all seem to have deserted me lol. Ever since the update it says you are connected but there is no one there. As soon as it is fixed I'll be back😊
EdenSW 11 yr ago x
Probably until the new update or when Beeline discovers this glitch, you can get unlimited palm trees on your island. Only works on two palms (without fruits) on the cliff. Move the palms out of this orginal positon. Go to the map. You don't have to visit a friend it just needs to refresh your island. Come back to the island and the palms are replaced in their original spots without losng the ones you moved. Keep moving the palms, go to the map, and come back to the island. I planted over 100 palms saving 10 smurf berries for each new palm!! Good luck! I'm playing on the iPad2 if that makes a difference.
Christina10990 11 yr ago x
I WANT to gift every day...really I do...but Beeline makes it SO hard to : (
Gonzo1991 11 yr ago x
Hi my friends I'm here can't see you or go to your village to 💦 and 🎁. Pls don't delete me as I think it's a bug and will be fixed. As soon as I'm able to see you I'll start 🎁 and 💦
Thank you
Skygamer 11 yr ago x
Good day friends
Since the upgrade, my game also stops at "Searching for friends" when visiting neighbours. When clicking on featured villages it says "Not connected to internet" Sorry, can't gift either.
Bayli126 11 yr ago x
I can't gift either...will continue to try. I hope beeline fixes it soon.
Bayli126 11 yr ago x
Since the update, I have received 3 gifts...they have all been from "someone".
I have only been able to see my friends once, but the ones I tried to gift hadn't updated yet. Now all I do is search for friends, but no one ever shows up.
Need help 11 yr ago x
People say if you have a game centre account and you play smurfs you get 200,000 smurf berries cos u just started! Is that true? Cos I'm on lvl 21 and I didn't get any when I just started!! Should I start again to get 200,000 smurf berries !!? Plz help
Need help 11 yr ago x
Hello, I have a problem, because I pressed invite friends and one of my friends appeared, so I clicked on her but it said " oops you need to update your smurfs application" so I thought u needed to update it. Anyway when I went back on she had gone! So when the update came I updated it, invited her and it said the same thing again! Does anyone know wht to do??
Skygamer 11 yr ago x
It seems that the Beeline's servers are back up. I've been receiving gifts and was able to gift to all neighbours as normal.
My Clockwork Smurf is finally complete. Thank you to all my friends that contributed bolts. A big thank you to Bayli126, Alyona***, MJonesCac*** and Shadybeatz who contributed the most.
Smurfs... 11 yr ago x
Hello, does anyone know how to give bolts to friends? Plz help!
ralph 11 yr ago x
How to get smuerfette
ralph  11 yr ago x
If I don't have money in my apple I D and I want smurfberris how to get some,its an emergency,plzzzzzzzz helppppppp
ralph 11 yr ago x
And I have a ipod touch 4
Gonzo1991 11 yr ago x
Skygamer I'm shocked you and cutiepie deleted me. I always sent gifts and watered until last week when I couldn't see any villages. Guess you have yer reasons. Just made me a bit miffed as I don't know why. Maybe you'll add again or explain why
Skygamer 11 yr ago x
@Gonzo - sorry to get you miffed.
I cannot continue to spend as much time gifting and have decided to reduce my friends to the top 3 or 4 daily gifters. I have kept detailed records and you weren't in the top. It is only fair to delete friends if I am not going to return their gifts.
When Cutiepie's interest temporariliy moves to other games, I step in the breach. Thanks for all the gifts since March this year.
Gonzo1991 11 yr ago x
Thats fine skygamer. I gifted you and cutiepie everyday until last week. When I couldn't get to other villages I was just able to yesterday. So not sure why you say march when I gifted everyday probaly came up someone sent you a gift Dosnt matter. Just wanted to know thank you for taking time to answer
Em 11 yr ago x
I updated smurfs and it completely restarted my game and I was on level 21 , it gave me all the smurfberries I bought but although ihave tried completely turned it off and on it won't change back,isnthere anything I can do
?????????? 11 yr ago x
Step 1 make sure you have jailbreak step 2 go to cydia if you have step 3 press sources and edit step 4 once you press edit you have to press http/ step 5 you have to found smurf village and install step 6 go to smurf village you will se 99999999999999999999999 smurfberries hope its work
good  11 yr ago x
Its working thankyou
christina10990 11 yr ago x
Anytime I want to gift, I have to open the game through game center...otherwise it tells me I am not connected.
wcr:)  11 yr ago x
Hello smurfs I NEED BOLTS. Add me on game centre; wcr:) I will gift back everytime I receive a bolt. Much love
Jasonwhiteuk 11 yr ago x
Add wcr:) as a game centre friend and give her bolts, she ALWAYS gifts back
Christina10990 11 yr ago x
Re-designing a village takes a LOT of time! This job would be a lot easier if I could buy a second storage hut.
Smurfettelovelovingyou 11 yr ago x
I can't find the pump to add to my village like Papa Smurf wants.... HELP PLEASE!!!
IS2318 11 yr ago x
Just updated my smurfs village and all my extra space which I bought with smurfberries I paid for is GONE! HELP!!!
Skygamer 11 yr ago x
Island crops not growing.
Suggested work around for this bug:
It is possible to grow crops on the island. When finished playing, go to the island and leave your ipad on. Remember to plug your ipad into a power source since battery power may run out. Sometimes the ipads go into power saving mode (screen goes black) and sometimes not. It should not impact the crops growing.
The next solution works sometimes:
Go to the island, wait for all smurfs to water their farms, minimise the screen by pinching 5 fingers together. Go to other apps - farms should continue to grow. Not sure if farms continue to grow when device is switched off.
Please lets us know if you can replicate this or if you get a different outcome.
Christina10990 11 yr ago x
When I touch reporter smurf, most of the time he tells me that my device time is incorrect or I am not connected to the internet...both of these are untrue. Anyone else having these problems?
Samcook1 11 yr ago x
Yes I have that all the time. I'm also having issues with the tracker as well. It pops up when it wants and tells me I've missed it. So annoying, they should get these right before issuing new updates.
xs.energy4life 11 yr ago x
What really annoys me about Smurfvillage is that after being on holiday for 5 weeks and going through 4 time-zones, Reporter smurf believes my device is set wrong as I levelled up in France and now back in Australia, set time to back to Australian time-zone, reporter believes I have an incorrect device time.

Since coming back, the Island Smurfs have become really lazy little buggers and are really taking "island time" to its limit; they are taking TWICE as long to grow anything or just won't water the island crops and are playing on the beach. Frustrating as I haven't cheated and am being penalised. Also jokey smurf very rarely gives a gift these days. They all explode. Jokey’s gifts used to explode two times out of three, now they explode 8 times out of 9 before a gift is given!

Currently also smurfs are missing in action. How do I know this? There are no smurfs out on quests, yet I’m 10 smurfs short, meaning that there are 10 less smurfs to do the work, so while the plots of dirt are getting watered, the flowers are waiting to be tended to as 10 smurfs are no where to be seen.

Seriously, I have some really lazy smurfs at present. This has been going on for 5 weeks now!

Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

Also having issues with gifting to neighbours. Am on the latest version of smurf village.
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