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Smurfs' Village Iphone game app free smurfberries cheats

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Freshmaker 10 yr ago x
i always have this glitch...

sometimes when i receive a gift from friends, the gifts keep repeating itself every few seconds... thats pretty much how i complete clockwork smurf...

today i receive 5 smurfberries from beeline and this glitch appear... im now collecting free 5 smurfberries every 10 seconds lol...

anybody else...???

best glitch ever...
Christina10990 10 yr ago x
I don't have the free smurfberries glitch...I only got the one. I did get the smurfberry glitch last Easter...that was nice. But my son didn't even get the 5 free smurfberries. I do, however, have the lazy smurfs running on "island time"...even though the update yesterday clearly said that crops on the island will be right. I'm working on a mission in a bottle for magic honeydew...planted 15 hours ago and still have 21 hours left on my crops : ( I see friend's smurfs vaish when I visit. As soon as I show up, all the smurfs will sometimes run into one house and go away lol...I really know how to clear a village : )
Christina10990 10 yr ago x
*Sigh* My ipod updated it's software yesterday...then it made me use a new Apple ID...that messed up my game center. All my achievements, friends, everything is gone : ( Please re-friend me (or be my new friend)...I really do gift at least 5 times a week.
candeha 10 yr ago x
Add me :)
Freshmaker 10 yr ago x
If i deleted a friend or if a friend deleted his smurf village account and then created another new one, how do i add him back using facebook..?
PaulyJ46 10 yr ago x
Can you please tell me how to get a pear for Jokey smurf
Christina10990 10 yr ago x
@PaulyJ46 - You have to have a tree (they call it a shurb), then you can grow the pears. They take 48 hours. (I'd grow 2, after the first one, I had to grow a second one)
Bayli126 10 yr ago x
Christina10990- do you still have the same Game Center account? I tried to gift you, and the game won't allow me to. I don't know if its a glitch, or something else.
Giggleswa 10 yr ago x
I am stuck with grumpy smurf. He wants me to mix an orange potion and I do, but nothing happens. I've gotten the 600xp multiple times. Is this a glitch??
Freshmaker 10 yr ago x
@Giggleswa - i have the very same problem.

i also had this problem where i would go to a friend's village to look for marco smurf and each time he would give me the same blueprint gift....
fantisea 10 yr ago x
Would anyone like to be my friend on Facebook so we can friend on smurfs Lev 27
fantisea 10 yr ago x
Facebook crutch drew picture is a dog send me a invite I play daily I would really like some friends to help with items and flowers
Patty 10 yr ago x
Please tell me how to get Roses seed, i am stuck with smurfette quest. I onky have two friends and they dont have the roses either. I don't have enough smurfberries to buy nat smurf. Is there some other way? Can somebody help me please? Thanks a lot
Christina10990 10 yr ago x
@Bayli126...No : ( When I updated my ipod, it forced me to change my game center info to an e-mail address. When I did that, it didn't link my stuff to the new I lost everything in game center. I also have no way of deleting that account from game center. I tried to remember some people to send friend requests.
Christina10990 10 yr ago x
@Bayli126...tried to re-friend you, but it won't let me. I am Christina10990 again, but it is actually a different account than the old one.
Bayli126 10 yr ago x
@Christina- probably could not send the request because I changed my name to
Bayli126 🎁stone
Or something like that, for gifting purposes.
I tried to send you a request.
Christina10990 10 yr ago x
There are some things going on in my village...just want to put them out there incase anyone has found a fix. Tracker smurf is gone...hasn't been around since before the last update. Rymes wtih orange task can't be finished. Tracker smurf always gives me the same blueprint. Stone is gone as an option to gift friends. Jokey only gives bombs. Finally, my village just wouldn't let me in yesterday. This morning I finally deleted and re-installed my app. I was able to recover my village and all looked good except for my withered crops and flowers (which isn't a big deal to me). And my daily smurf was reset back to day 1. I was on day twenty something, so that kind of stinks, but I haven't seen any really good rewards for that yet anyway, so even that isn't a big deal to me. So now I go to gift my friends, and I can't. Not only can I not gift my friends, but I got stuck in a friend's village and couldn't get out. I re-start my device and am finally able to get back into my own village. Looking forward to an update that might fix some of these bugs.
TheBeefyTaco 10 yr ago x
I don't know if anyone remembers me but I used to be [j]br0ken a while back, my username is TheBeefyTaco, haven't been on this website in a while

I have had a problem with a quest that was released in the recent updates, the quest is to put 3 hanging lanterns around the village to see Clumsy coming, I have put over 20 hanging lanterns around my village and still nothing, I know a lot of you haven't gotten to this quest yet because I use smurfberries to quicken the quests up but if you know how to complete it pls tell me

Feel free to add me on Gamecenter, daily gifter
CoachJen 10 yr ago x
Hope you all can help...
I am getting no XP from snail, caterpillar, grouchy or baby anymore, but it seems like I get more from frog and habitat than I used to. Is this a glitch? My son did the time cheat a while back but told him not to do it anymore. Is this why?
Also can anyone add me on gamecenter? I am CoachJen - none of my FB friends play regularly :(
Sani 10 yr ago x
Smurfs Village app stuck at Beeline screen and won't open, HELP PLEASE

hi, I've been playing smurfs for almost 2 years now, I'm at level 28, unfortunately its been almost 2 weeks that the app crashes after beeline screen is shown, so I'm not able to have access to the smurfs first page in which it shows the options...
I've tried to sync from the Ipod's last back, restore the ipod, sign out of game centre and sign back in, try to play with no Wifi as it was mentioned on the internet, none worked, Please help me
Bayli126 10 yr ago x
@ Christina- I have had some of the same issues. I haven't seen tracker smurf for over a month. The orange potion for grouchy cant be completed either. You can only gift stone on the island, and Marco only brings back the same blueprint. I think they are all listed on the beeline site as known glitches. I read they were supposed to be fixed with the next update, but that remains to be seen.

@ beefytaco- I didn't have any problem with that quest. Are you using the party lanterns that look like the poles are candy canes? That worked for me.
@ coachjen- the only time I ever had that happen was the one time I did the time cheat. After that, it never happened again.
Skygamer 10 yr ago x
@ Bayli
Cutiepie has lost interest and I'm not going to play Smurfs for her anymore. Thanks for all the gifts and bolts.
Bayli126 10 yr ago x
@skygamer- thanks for the update. My daughters have played and lost interest several times over the last year.

Ps I accidentally gifted you a potted plant instead of dye...I'll try to be more careful In the future☺
Bayli126 10 yr ago x
Halloween update is now available🎃
Shadybeatz 10 yr ago x
Ever since I updated to the Halloween version, whenever I go into the app it always crashes and sends me back to my home screen? Is this happening to anyone else since they updated?
mysterious 10 yr ago x
hey all. after updated the halloween version , the iap craker doesnt work i can't buy any more smurfberries from the shop! is this happening to anyone else ? please tell me what to do ? thanks..
ScrabbleLVA 10 yr ago x
Hi feel free to add me as a friend in your smurfville. Question: I'm at level 23, I just want to know when and how to expand my village east?
Vish 10 yr ago x
Need bolts please add me vgupta84
Will gift as well
Princessb 10 yr ago x
I am booviem please send me bolts everyone seems to have given up on me :-(
Christina10990 10 yr ago x
If my friends notice that I suddenly stop is because I have likely lost power and my wifi...will continue to gift as I can.
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