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Smurfs' Village Iphone game app free smurfberries cheats

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noooo 10 yr ago x
@moraise I did it and it doesn't work. The iTunes login does not come out though. It loads for a while and that's the end no smurfberry
Mystery 10 yr ago x
@mysterious mine doesn't work
Jn91 10 yr ago x
Every time I visit someone's island and then return to my own village I end up on an island, the only problem is I am only lvl 16 and haven't even found it when I go onto my main village. Why does it keep taking me to this island if I haven't even made it that far in the game?
mysterious 10 yr ago x
what you will do about this probleme!! we can't play smurfssss !! i can't smurfet
maybe they should realase an apdate for smurfs to solve this issue!!
TheBeefyTaco 10 yr ago x
I'm having a huge problem, when I try to visit my island, midway through the voyage my whole app crashes therefore I haven't seen it or anything new on the island since the most recent update, IT SUCKS
Smurf 10 yr ago x
I know an easy way to grow crops faster with out smurf berrys just change the time on my ipod ipad tablet or whatever you are useing but don't go a head or pap smurf will say he is disapointed and carful smurs will leave so put it in an earlyer time in the day plant something change it and that how i am up to level 20 and it is a faster way to get smurf berries i just have one question i got miner smurf before the quest what do i do
Shaiapoi 10 yr ago x
Am at level 39 and haven't been able to get past the Beeline page for over a month. Have tried all the log out/turn off and download options but NOTHING. Am rapidly losing interest but is there any help out there?
Sherlynn10 10 yr ago x
I haven't been able to play since the update either. I have an original iPad. Wonder if it has anything to do with the iO6 update that I can't get on my iPad.
xsenergy 10 yr ago x
Seeming as Smurfs is getting better and better with each update, wouldn't it be nice to be able to place Greedy's baking items, on a table, stool, bench, or picnic table rather than on the ground and watch a smurf run up to it, pick it off the ground and eat it??
mysterious 10 yr ago x
wondering when the new update for smurfs will be realse???!!
Wazmar27 10 yr ago x
Papa smurf hasn't accepted the corn I have harvested as maize. Been stuck on this for 2/3weeks. HELP please
skye12345 10 yr ago x
I sent my rafts out for an hour. Its been two days and my smurfs have come back but the rafts haven't??
Farmer Smurf 10 yr ago x
@scrabbleLVA when you get to level 26 there will be a series of quests to upgrade timber smurfs tools. After you finish these quests he will clear away the logs.
Farmer Smurf  10 yr ago x
@Smurf to prevent smurfs leaving the village you can turn the wifi off. This way papa smurf will not notice at all and you won't lose smurfs. In other words you can plant a crop, go to settings, turn wifi off, then change the time to whatever your needs, and go back to smurfs. Also, I'd recommend using Potatoes with this cheat until level 20 when you can use Golden Potatoes. I'd use Golden Potatoes.
Farmer Smurf 10 yr ago x
Using the cheat I just sayed I am up to level 31 and have over 2 million coins it is very effective and easy to use, (Golden Corn gets you the most money in one harvest but using this cheat it is easier to use Golden Potatoes, Golden Corn only get you about 1000 more per 50 crops and are harder to use the cheat with.
need friends 10 yr ago x
Add me as friend to send and receive gifts
GC- mukulhanda
Farmer Smurf 10 yr ago x
@Patty to complete that quest you don't need a rose. You need an artichoke. Notice how it says grow a crop and not a flower at the bottom? I was stuck with that quest until I accidentally planted an artichoke and completed it. The quest is to grow an artichoke.
Miranda  10 yr ago x
Yes, the changing the clock a few hours a head still works. But be careful, if you do it all the time at once smurfs will start to leave the village but Papa Smurf will give you a warning and the you can't use the clock trick after that or your smurfs will leave the village. Good Luck! :)
Farmer Smurf 10 yr ago x
Actually if you turn the wifi off papa smurf only notices very rarely.
PeetsMcGeets 10 yr ago x
Hi guys I've been getting so many friend requests and gifts for my village. To everyone it was fun gifting you guys but I am really busy and I stopped playing a while ago. I'm just gonna tell you to please stop gifting me or giving me friend requests and I'm playing another app for my genetics/micro bio class. You'll see what I'm playing in gc. It's been fun and peace out.

boy boy 10 yr ago x
how can i get many smurfberries
Dubs 10 yr ago x
Add me on Game Center: dubd28

I water and gift daily!! Love smurfs!
Ana 10 yr ago x
How to get smurfberries free
Briginthekong 10 yr ago x
What do folks think of the balloon and the windmill? The windmill requires huge volume of wood etc, I don't think I would have bothered if I'd known. Not too impressed by this update. I hope they do a limited time offer to complete the build for a fraction of what's required for some of us loyal players.
kiddmitch 10 yr ago x
currently on level 30 and have been to the mountain but how do I get the long johns??
MM-Mistypurple 10 yr ago x
Please send me bolts happy to return favour MM-Mistypurple
TROOP2900 10 yr ago x
Hey guys I need help so on one of my papa smurf mission it says to buy miners mine n I've already bought it nd everything so I've completed it but he says to keep doing the same thing wat do I do
TROOP2900 10 yr ago x
I need help plz so in one of my papa smurf missions it says to build miners mine n I have nd it won't advance me on to the next mission so I'm stuck wat do I do
krissy_punk 10 yr ago x
have you tired deleting and replacing the mine?

Anyway to anyone who needs smurf berries, i hack my game, i have jailbreak, and i can send my save game. then i can give you a tutorial on how to get in on a non jail broken device :)

tell me if your interested
TROOP2900 10 yr ago x
You can't delete it though
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