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Smurfs' Village Iphone game app free smurfberries cheats

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Panda 11 yr ago x
To get grandpas long johns you need to dig, that's how I found them on mine
Gwen 11 yr ago x
How to complete the cherry pies on the mini bake game?
Puschl 11 yr ago x
TwinkleSmurf 11 yr ago x
Hi! Do I need to buy the clothesline with Smurfberries? Is there a way to buy it by Gold Coins? I don't have much smurfberries! waaaa... Please help me out here. Thanks!
Allen 11 yr ago x
Add me Gc chuman88
Allen 11 yr ago x
twinkle. Clothesline is in the next tab over not the same tab the one that costs berries is in, I looked forever for that thing
AMZ 11 yr ago x
Add me on GC amzst08. I will re-gift whatever you send me! :)
TROOP2900 11 yr ago x
Wat do u mean I have to dig
AMsmurf 11 yr ago x
How do you know which potion bottle to drag off the shelf to put in the mixture
kindred 11 yr ago x
pls add ms, i gift daily and need STONES on my two different accounts, gamecenter names KINDRED- and KINDRED-75 (both include dashes, not underscores)
SoSweet-Trini 11 yr ago x
Have anyone lost Farmer Smurf Hut, my own disappeared yesterday
Zaksy118 11 yr ago x
Please add me for daily gifts

Skygamer 11 yr ago x
f you have sweeper smurf you need to be careful. If you tap on the dirt piles, he may delete items next to the pile as he cleans.
This unintended feature (bug) can be used to your advantage. It is possible to delete houses. As a house is deleted, the number of smurfs do not reduce. By rebuilding the house, you can add 2x smurfs for coins.
I did this on my island when it was possible to delete houses. I now have 238 smurfs on the island (maximum possible). There were no adverse consequences.
SoSweet-Trini 11 yr ago x
@Skygamer, thx for the advice so now does that mean I have to buy Farmer Smurf Hut all over? That's crazy
Bayli126 11 yr ago x
Sosweet- I think they are recommending doing a restore (by tapping papas head 16 times) and select a saved game prior to the item being "swept" away.
They give specific directions for how to restore on the beeline- get satisfaction website.
SoSweet 11 yr ago x
@ Bayli126, thx I will try that
Zubce 11 yr ago x
Pls add me for daily gifts

Zubce 11 yr ago x
How can i delete a house in my village?
Ell 11 yr ago x
I liked old-fashion roofs but the game had me to change some of them. Now i used christmas roofs and they became normal again. I thought u it is good to share ;)
Btw my iap cracker doesn't work anymore 'n i haveno idea why or what can i do about it:(
nutty 11 yr ago x
using IPod touch playing game. papa needs bucket of water for burning mouth... I have bought 4 and it still pops up I need to buy. what am i doing wrong.
Tonya 11 yr ago x
I purchased smurfberries and they took my money but they aren't showing up I contacted them and they said they sent smurfberries to my account but I still don't see them . Anybody had this happen?
Scotyyboy 10 yr ago x
Add me on Game Center for daily gifts in smurfs village

Esb2591 10 yr ago x
Add me on GC : Esb2591

I need bolts

Ill return the favor thanks and happy holidays
Cheyenne 10 yr ago x
your smufs do leave if you use the time cheat to much!! It happened to me yesturday and i had to start all over agin and i was also on the 27 level!!!
Always confused  10 yr ago x
Idk y but I'm on level 61!!!
:( confusing 10 yr ago x
how to change the smurfberries number without starting over the game?:( i try to edit few files but it doesnt work:(
Don't know what to do... 10 yr ago x
Level 31.. Lost more then half my smurfs, my boat, and few other things.. I click to go onto smurfs and there gone.. How do I get them back
Kindred-1975 10 yr ago x
Add my new account I gift daily. Kindred-1975 on game enter, it's a dash not an underscore
Nar 10 yr ago x
hi guys
have any of u's done grandpa's quest where u have 2 dig up a crystal? i've already dug up 12 but it won't accept it.BTW if any single boys at the age of 11 here, plz let me know!!!! :-)
Nar 10 yr ago x
like where is the crystal found?
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