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Snoopy's Street Fair iphone free cheats hacks ipad game app

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Jennifer 10 yr ago x
Add me!

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Patrick 10 yr ago x

Add me on Snoopy Fair!
t-t-t-tina 10 yr ago x
I did some Googling last night and when I get home I'm gonna try again. And again. And again. I'm determined! Ttwiin, thanks for the tip about adding a 0! Also, how many SD is too much? I want to be able to send premium gifts! That's half the reason I'm doing all this. And if I give myself say, 5,000, and I go through them, can I just add more?
Ttwiin 10 yr ago x
tttTina, we aren't sure about the number, we think 2k is what Beeline set the limit at. As for doing it again, you can keep doing it until the next update as we never know what Beeline adds each time. It didn't work after Valentines day, but started working agin after Easter. We also posted on Xsellize. Good luck.
tina 10 yr ago x
After many trial and errors, I got it to work. At first I was just altering my coins, and then I got my backup player data file mixed up, but I was able to sort it all out. AND THEN. It worked! FINALLY. After copy and pasting and finding and replacing and restarting and all of that, it worked. Thanks for the help!
tina 10 yr ago x
Darn. So I forgot about the 2,000 SD limit and gave myself 5,000. I went to give a gift and the option was gone. So I started over and only gave myself 2,000 SD and it was still gone. I decided to restore my game from the server, a file from 2 days ago, and I still can't send premium gifts! Did I ruin my option to send premium gifts?
Dhi88 10 yr ago x
Please add me and send me just a newbie... 7jxW6c
ME-ABBTHEMAD 10 yr ago x
Hi TT long time no speak,hope your well,just to let you know,it still works,:) tryed it on two different phones so all good, now as for the gifting i made a new game on one phone in which i done nothing what so every to any file but just got up to level 10 which gave me a few SD for free,i had no option to give gifts apart from xp,on the other game i got my SD down to about 250 but again still no option to gift so maybe they have removed this feature altogether,Take care and speak to you soon Abb
Ttwin 10 yr ago x
Abb :-)
High SD holders are no longer allowed to send premium gifts. You have to go through a bunch of BS with Beeline to have it restored. Me? Nope, lol. Playing and waiting for a new update. Actually getting bored lol.
ME-ABBTHEMAD 10 yr ago x
Hi TT. cool cool,yes i will be giving beeline a miss lol, yes i just done new update,and tryed it again & it still works :)
fireworks are cool, (little things please little minds lol) yes i stripped mine back,all i have are the stalls on my ipad & think im still level 41 so i still have the windmill to get lol etc I will re-do it another day when i have a few hours to spare, :)
jjhon 10 yr ago x
HI guys i'm so happy because i just found a great hack. with this new hack you can send premium gifts even though u have tons of cash. it works i have 30,000 snoopy bucks and 3,0000 coins. every one in my school loves the hack. you can keep on activating the hack and nothing goes wrong with the game.
jjhon 10 yr ago x
i'll love to show you guys the hack. Every one has to say i love snoopy fair. the hack is very easy and beeline will never find out. this is what the does to the game its very safe. first the hack will download into snoopfairs file then it will start changing the fille when that over you will find out that u have 10,000 snoopy bucks. the buks will multiply every time you click on the in-app purchase and choose what amount you want and thats how it works.
Ttwiin 10 yr ago x
Jjhon-is your hack just to jailbreak, use cydia and the IAP function? Or are you actually doing a hack and changing file codes?
jjhon  10 yr ago x
No ttwiin this hack is not a jail break hack its a hack that changes the file so that the in-app purchase are all free
Ttwiin 10 yr ago x
jjhon-please share. Id love to get my premium gift option giving back. I have enough coins and SD but lost my premium options with my hack. Thanks.
jjhon  10 yr ago x
Hi I will give u the hack but I need to update the hack and check the files. This is because of the next update. Please wait.😃
Celiney 10 yr ago x
Add me GHWF7tt is m refferal code :)
Ttwiin 10 yr ago x
The update has been submitted to Apple and should be out within the next few days.
I will keep my SD and play on :-)
Marielove 10 yr ago x
i'm still trying to usse the hex file and stuff but i can't seem to find my coins. i search and search but i can't. Is the hes still working? i tried many trial and errors but once i check the snoopy app it says if i need to buy snoopy dollars, i have to go to itunes. i'm so lost. Please someone HELP!!!!!!!!!!
Celiney  10 yr ago x
Add me GHWF7tt :)
Rgdom 10 yr ago x
@TT: so glad i found this forum! Will try this hack tomorrow when i wake up! Coz my fair is LAME-O. Lol!

Please add me:

Rgdom 10 yr ago x
I did it! Thank u so much TT! U made my night! Sweet! I hope u add me!
Rgdom 10 yr ago x
@TT: Thanks for adding me! Thanks for the gift! Ur fair is awesome! I heart u! XD

Ps: how do u change the colors in your fair?
jjhon  10 yr ago x
Hi guys I am so happy because I have updated my hack. There will be a new feature on my hack. When u log into snoopy fair u will find out that every thing on the store is free. You can disable the feature if you want. Please ask me if you want the hack thanks 😃😃
jjhon 10 yr ago x
Hi this is my fair after I used my hack. If you want this much coins and dollers ask me. When you use this hack your able to send premium gifts. Ps if you want the hack say jjhon please tell me. Thanks

Rgdom 10 yr ago x
@jjhon: how will i be able to send premium gifts? Tnx!
jjhon 10 yr ago x
@rgdom and every player. Thae hack activates the premium gift option. This works because the hack has sent a false file to beeline so they think you have a normal fair. Thanks
Rgdom 10 yr ago x
@jjhon: ok. But how do we do that? TIA!
jjhon  10 yr ago x
Its hard to explain but I have a website where u can download the file. I will tell u guys the website when u ask me thank u
Rgdom 10 yr ago x
@MarieLove: there's an easy way to find your coins. Just press ctrl+f then a box will appear. Click on the drop down menu and change it to HEX then input the HEX equivalent of your coins. You'll see the snoopy dollars before it but skip one HEX value.
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